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Even the most sanguine air combat adherent will have to strain to find Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII’s virtues. Neither faithful simulation nor sinuous but simple arcade romp, the game is a curious collision, exhibiting the worst of both genres.

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JRPGLuva1929d ago

Wow. Shot down in flames. I'm wondering how Mad Catz is still around.

madmad1929d ago

Crazy range in review scores on this one. Ive seen 8.5-3.0

RaptorMan1929d ago

Look at who is putting the game out. Don't believe those 8.5s.

sharpsword1929d ago

"Regretfully, Damage Inc's moniker also describes its visuals."

That's low.

mediastudies1929d ago

Well, at least the stick works, right?