Metro: Last Light - Support for multi-GPUs and multi-core CPUs - Mod Tools Update - Lighting System

DSOGaming writes: "Metro: Last Light is one of our most anticipated games of 2013. Truth be told, we were a little bit disappointed with its E3 trailer as it was full of scripted events, similar to the ones of Call of Duty. 4A Games is aiming for a more cinematic feel to Metro 2033′s sequel, and we have faith in this team. And even if the gameplay of Metro: Last Light won’t be up to our standards, we know for a fact that its visuals will be something to behold."

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NYC_Gamer2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

It's about time we got some new hardware support news on Metro-Last Light

2059d ago
Fishy Fingers2059d ago

Multi core CPU's, wow, imagine when they become available.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2059d ago

" the game will be scalable up to a thousand CPU cores." - from article.

I think that is new..

Fishy Fingers2059d ago

I'm just taing the p*** out of the title.

ProjectVulcan2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Thousand cores? Sounds like the crazed AMD marketing goons are at work again. MOAR COREZZZ = BETTERZZ !!!

Its funny really remembering the megahertz wars, only for AMD to complain that it was just a marketing gimmick for Intel because people saw a bigger number and thought- better!

Oh how times change.

Plagasx2059d ago

I prey to god this will be very optimized...