Why Aren't More FPS Games Like Die Hard?

In this short, Pixels or Death's Mike Barrett waxes about how the FPS genre could make real change by following the blueprint of the 1980s action movie, Die Hard.

"If developers really want to impress upon gamers the pain inherent in putting a gun to another person’s forehead and pulling the trigger, they already have the perfect blueprint in the 1988 action movie Die Hard.

Stop laughing, I’m serious. And not like the terrible NES, arcade, and PS1 games that carry the movie’s name, either."

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Godmars2902093d ago

Why aren't there more games like Half Life? Why haven't all that many tried?

But then you may as well ask why RPGs like the FF series started having fighting groups where 3-4 characters fought while another 6 or more hung in some kind of limbo. How they've become less and less characters possessing depth and more base stereotypes.

shaneTsung2093d ago

a Die Hard type game would be interesting, make it so

Cajun Chicken2093d ago

Actually there is a Die Hard FPS and it's actually a pretty decent retelling of the first movie. Only issue is that it basically quadruples the enemies you come across for game play sake. Brilliant take on though, dated now, but still brilliant.

CrzyFooL2093d ago

Max Payne 3 is Die Hard 5

Perjoss2093d ago

Die Hard Trilogy on the PS1 although not a FPS was a great game!

DeadlyFire2093d ago

I loved PS1 Die Hard games. They were awesome and fun.

iceman062093d ago

Was one of my favorite games because it offered different mechanics for different tastes. I loved the driving and blood splattering across the windshield!

ChocolateGiddyUp2093d ago

Yeah, this article seems like something I'd agree with, but I had to stop reading when the author called Die Hard Trilogy "terrible."

Die Hard Arcade was pretty great, too.

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The story is too old to be commented.