Konami announces limited edition ‘Metal Gear Solid Bundle Pack’

To continue with “Metal Gear Solid” news and celebration of the series’ 25th Anniversary, Konami has announced a special, limited edition “Metal Gear Solid Bundle Pack”.

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jc485732092d ago

ahhh...I already have the action figure though.

Jaces2091d ago

....iphone 4S case...damn that sucks. Couldn't they have a variety for big name brands like Samsung Galaxy S3 being one among others. Nice set though, glad I haven't bought the HD collection yet, thinking about picking this up.

LOL_WUT2091d ago

Nope it's whats popular can you blame them? The action figure does look nice though.

DoctorXpro2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

no MGS1 no buy, simple

Nate-Dog2092d ago

Hm, wonder how good those headphones are.

crxss2092d ago

Headphones are $49.99 I think

Bigkurz852092d ago

For what this costs it should include MGS4. And even then...damn.

ALLWRONG2092d ago

It's cool because everything else is multiplat.

Similar to how Mass Effect can never go PS3.

Bigkurz852092d ago

Well then the PS3 version should include MGS4 and the 360 bundle should be cheaper. Why ignore such a marquee component of the series?

morganfell2091d ago Show
NastyLeftHook02091d ago

sorry, only ps3 owners get the full mgs experience with 4.

himdeel2091d ago

I just want that action figure and Peace Walker HD on Vita :(

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ScubaSteve12092d ago

really disappointed. i mean i imported the japanese 20th anniversary mgs collection and that was a good collection but this is just idk

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The story is too old to be commented.