Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Demo Impressions | Only Single Player

OnlySP writes: "Sly Cooper makes his way back to consoles after 7 years of retirement. Here I will share with you my thoughts on the demo, and what I'd like to see from the game before it launches."

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Sev2028d ago

This demo was pretty awful. Only fun thing about it was shooting arrows. Very short, and really showed NOTHING of what the game could do.

This demo certainly will NOT sell this game.

SoapShoes2028d ago

What?! I thought it was great, it felt just like a Sly game would.

dafegamer2025d ago

you've obviously never played a sly cooper game troll

smashcrashbash2027d ago

Played like a Sly game should. That is all that matters. The shortness of the demo is not the point. Sly games are all about there story and missions. To reveal too much would ruin the game.