10.0 reviews Rez HD


"One of the things that makes Rez so remarkable, assuming you ignore all the vibro-love and pretty colours, is the way it takes a genre commonly regarded as shallow and staid and turns it into something you'll be begging your friends to play. That alone means it's worth picking up, especially since it's only going to set you back 800 measly Microsoft points.

Does Rez HD have flaws? Yes, of course it does – mainly the difficulty curve, which is unreliable at times and jumps around more than a bunny tied to an electric fence. The brevity of the game may also bother some gamers who want to get real value for money but who aren't interested in the Score Attack mode.

Still, despite that, Rez is a classic and important piece of video game history and the remastered HD version clearly belongs in the collection of any serious gamer. Now, with that said, you'll have to excuse me – I've got a controller to go wipe clean before I give it back to the original owner. Sorry Tim."

Rating: 10 Excellence

Review by Joe Martin

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permutated3817d ago

I agree with that review, but I REALLY could have done without that last joke.