Sony Sending Emails Congratulating on Platinum Trophies

Earn a Platinum trophy, get a congratulatory email?

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mafiahajeri2002d ago

How about betas for respective games Sony? Like platinum kill zone 3 and get into the kill zone mercenaries beta. That's just an example it would make them relevant.

ftwrthtx2002d ago

Hopefully they will do that. Earning a Plat should show you are a fan of a series and who better to beta test a game

subtenko2002d ago

I see what you are saying. It's not like they owe us anything (just saying) but some kind of reward or congrats is pretty neat to me. To be honest if they said "If you get 10 platinum trophies then you get $5 off you next PSN purchase" I would try to get a platinum trophy even faster.(Hypothetical)

That's just me though..something that I think would be kind of neat. Makes me think of reward points companies do when shopping.

hkgamer2001d ago

Actually, if Sony did that for selected first party games then it would be brilliant.

Or maybe something as simple as every 5 plat trophy from a sony first party title will get you a month free Playstation Plus. or some kinda discount.

Would probably encourage some people to go out and buy more first party titles, especially for people who may have got 4 plat trophies already.

Not saying it would work, but sometimes small details like this encourages people to buy your prodcuts.

Whitefeather2002d ago

I received mine too, I hope they will be bringing back the rewards program I was in the beta and it was awesome.

ftwrthtx2002d ago

I still use my Pro avatar. Would love to be able to get up to Legendary.

Whitefeather2002d ago

I was lucky enough to hit Legendary before it ended.

Zefros2002d ago

Yeah i got the mail for kz3! told me i was one of 0.01(or was it 0.1?) for getting platinum trophy =D.

pixelsword2002d ago

It was .01

I got one too.

sourav932002d ago

Haven't got mine yet :(

I'm in the EU region. Maybe it's just for US PSN users?

Dark_Overlord2002d ago

Must be, I'm from EU too and have yet to receive one.

fabiani2002d ago

finally we get something.i got 3 plats on ratchet and clank 1 2 and 3 within 4 days last month and it just came out in America

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