Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Blowout – Part 2

Craig Bryan from takes on Black Ops II. With the multiplayer trailer coming out earlier this month, he takes a deep look inside its multiplayer Perks and Scorestreaks and a bunch of ideas and features that were claimed to be coming to the final code.

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SolidStoner2118d ago

Awareness - Enemy footsteps and movements easier to hear
Dexterity - Climb ladders and objects faster, aim faster after sprinting and using melee attack

I think most people dont want those!

Still, this far I know about BO2, is that it will be the same as others only with fake weapons (which is a bad thing). I still look into it since I played all other parts and then re-sell them while they still have some value! And I hope that BO2 will not have online pass, if yes then its a no buy for me!

Swiggins2118d ago

Quick recovery out of a sprint is one of the single most useful things I can think of actually, it would make running and gunning all the more useful.

SolidStoner2118d ago

That thing yes, agree, but knife getting even more faster and automated isn't good..

AdmiralSnake2118d ago

It doesn't matter about the knifing because almost everyone in COD suck at the knife system. The knifing before is always a lunge move, it's basically a commander pro perk, but as a default. Now there's no more lunge knifing... so you have to actually execute it properly. You can't just hit analog stick and expect the knife kill, if they're not directly in front of you, then you won't get the kill like in the previous COD, where you just lunge at them.


Bf3 knifing is way better and cool too!!!

AmayaAi2118d ago

Glad you like it Tomas :)

omarzy2118d ago

Those are some OP perks.