Tomb Raider: Underworld - Teamxbox Preview

Lara is looking better than ever. Not like a real woman, but not like the blow-up doll she morphed into in some of the earlier titles. She's got more than a dozen layers of textures and shaders on her body and sports some advanced lighting techniques, such as "spherical harmonics" to help create that look of Hollywood lighting. She even does neat stuff, such as getting muddy as she rolls around on the wet ground, then, as the rain continues to fall on her, gradually cleans up.

What Crystal Dynamics is doing with the series gives us hope of more and more sequels to come, ones that hopefully build on core gameplay elements much like Tomb Raider Underworld is attempting to do. And when solid gameplay, compelling storylines and awesome graphics become the most compelling parts of the Tomb Raider series-as opposed to the size of Lara Croft's boobs-then the old girl's comeback will truly be complete.

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Bloodshedder3732d ago

uncharted looks better...

tweaker3732d ago

make team ninja design lara croft. we know the first thing they would do to her racks. lol

vettle13732d ago

and yet uncharted is complete, wow. took me a whole .2 seconds to figure that one out.