Nintendo's decision to cancel GoldenEye XBLA: bad for gamers, good for Nintendo?

Rare developed an enhanced version of GoldenEye 007 for Xbox Live Arcade and the Wii's Virtual Console. Unfortunately, Nintendo prevented its release at the last minute, ensuring that no one would get to play it. While their decision was bad for gamers, did Nintendo avoid a a marketing disaster? And with the release of the Wii U, is there hope that the game might finally be released?

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Jadedz1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Perfect Dark (the XBLA version) is amazing, and I'm sure GE would be just as great as it was back in the day (with added features, of course).

AJBACK2FRAG1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

I really do not like the 360 but I played the revamped PD'' at a friends and all I can say is WOW! I've written before years ago that Rare should bring PD'' to the modern age, ie; graphics, online and so on. The guys who worked on that revision seriously bravo great job! The same treatment for Goldeneye would be epic! Rare should revive their whole library from the N64 daze. Start with Killer Instinct!

nevin11906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

"Nintendo, Microsoft, Rare, and Activision, the current holders of the Bond license,"

Wait do they mean they all own just that one game or the entire Bond license? Last I check, PS3 got a 007 game.

Anyway, i still have a copy for N64.

REALgamer1906d ago

They meant Activision (the last mentioned) is the current holder of the Bond license.

The Nintendo and Microsoft are the publishers (Nintendo of the original, Microsoft now as owners of Rare) and Rare as the developer.

Hence: Nintendo, Microsoft, Rare and Activison all have some stake in a GoldenEye remake and would all need to agree.

BrutallyBlunt1905d ago

Nintendo would never agree, they will always be the odd man out. They live inside their own bubble. Sony will support Android and release games on other devices not created by Sony, Microsoft will support the PC and even have an XBOX Live App on Apple's IOS. Rare even made a game for the DS. It's just Nintendo who refuses to work with anybody. They also had the worst track record with 3rd party publishers.

You will never see Nintendo games on any other platform other than their own, even games they have a co-partnership with like GoldenEye.

TheMasterShake1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

dude activision is a multiplatform publisher, hence why ps3 got a bond game. use your common sense

wenaldy1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Not to mention they (Sony) hold license for entire film library lol

ChunkyLover531906d ago

Its a business, cant blame them for doing something that they felt was important in a business aspect. I still have my N64 and Goldeneye, so if I ever get nostalgic I can go back and play it like I originally did all of those years ago.

REALgamer1906d ago

You'd think they would have pulled the plug earlier and said "no" from the outset though, instead of wasting Rare's (and subsequently Microsoft's) time...

cee7731906d ago

rare has been wasting time since kinect so this is childs play

ChunkyLover531905d ago


Ya, how dare Rare work on Microsoft's large investment and actually make a launch game that is fun and that works how its supposed to! Off with their heads! Oh, and sell 5 million copies and get rave reviews, what were they thinking!

AJBACK2FRAG1905d ago

What has Rare accomplished since their departure from Nintendo? PD'' revival and... Oh yeah a sexy pinata game.

thezeldadoth1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

oh well. Goldeneye: Source is probably better anyways


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