Battlefield 4 too soon? Should we have Bad Company 3 instead?

In this 5 minute YouTube clip ZitterZap and NOVAxDRAGON discuss whether Battlefield 4 is too soon or should we have Bad Company 3 instead. We conclude how Battlefield 3 is a hybrid of the Battlefield and Bad Company franchise and why we should not expect a Bad Company game in the future. We discuss how the franchise has evolved to please both PC and Console gamers.

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ZitterZap2060d ago

Thanks guys let us know what you think.

000012060d ago

either would be too soon, how about letting a multiplayer game have a breath of air and get played out. idk why anyone would even be asking for either when BF3 just came out in 2011, let a game get played, all BF4 or BC3 would be are map updates, maybe minuscule graphical updates. these developers and publishers this gen are too eager to push out sequel after sequel, just let people play the game for a few years.

ZitterZap2060d ago

Agreed I am also getting quite bored of squeals. One of the reasons I haven't played Assassin's Creed Revelations yet. DICE and the Battlefield franchise have been better as they have given a two year gap between the game. Which is the reason why I am still hooked on to this franchise. If they go yearly like other franchises then I might start losing interest too.

000012060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

i think 3 or 4 years is good amount of time between games if the game's focus is multiplayer, if its story only, then i think 2 years is fine, but all that these multiplayer games are offering are map updates and games on the pc have been doing that for free and forever too keep a games longevity. but because consoles are limited and don't allow mods or user created maps they really force the dlc and sequels idea.

Blankman852060d ago

I vote BC3. I'm addicted to BC2.

ZitterZap2060d ago

Lol lot of my friends who I played BC2 with didn't like BF3. I wish they would have because I miss playing with them. You are not alone my friend.

mcstorm2059d ago

I agree live to see a bc3 but if im honest I really want to see a Black 2.

DavidMacDougall2059d ago

Same i was playing BFBC1 not long ago, still a good game, would rather have BC3 than BF4

LOL_WUT2060d ago

Yes, it was way too soon for BF4 and to make matters worse we are getting MoH. No wonder people complain about this gen being nothing but FPS games.

NOVAxDRAGON2059d ago

I agree. But then again, you look at the industry and it is either FPS or sports games making the big money. That is thrilling to least people who want to develop those games. Most of the other devs are moving into the mobile/app arena because they find that for their effort they can be creative and still make enough money to keep going with their wishes.

seanpitt232059d ago

it dosnt bother me as long as it comes out on nextgen system as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.