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Battlefield 4 too soon? Should we have Bad Company 3 instead?

In this 5 minute YouTube clip ZitterZap and NOVAxDRAGON discuss whether Battlefield 4 is too soon or should we have Bad Company 3 instead. We conclude how Battlefield 3 is a hybrid of the Battlefield and Bad Company franchise and why we should not expect a Bad Company game in the future. We discuss how the franchise has evolved to please both PC and Console gamers. (Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Bad Company 3, Dice, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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ZitterZap  +   1065d ago
Thanks guys let us know what you think.
blue_flowers  +   1065d ago
either would be too soon, how about letting a multiplayer game have a breath of air and get played out. idk why anyone would even be asking for either when BF3 just came out in 2011, let a game get played, all BF4 or BC3 would be are map updates, maybe minuscule graphical updates. these developers and publishers this gen are too eager to push out sequel after sequel, just let people play the game for a few years.
ZitterZap  +   1065d ago
Agreed I am also getting quite bored of squeals. One of the reasons I haven't played Assassin's Creed Revelations yet. DICE and the Battlefield franchise have been better as they have given a two year gap between the game. Which is the reason why I am still hooked on to this franchise. If they go yearly like other franchises then I might start losing interest too.
blue_flowers  +   1065d ago
i think 3 or 4 years is good amount of time between games if the game's focus is multiplayer, if its story only, then i think 2 years is fine, but all that these multiplayer games are offering are map updates and games on the pc have been doing that for free and forever too keep a games longevity. but because consoles are limited and don't allow mods or user created maps they really force the dlc and sequels idea.
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Blankman85  +   1064d ago
I vote BC3. I'm addicted to BC2.
ZitterZap  +   1064d ago
Lol lot of my friends who I played BC2 with didn't like BF3. I wish they would have because I miss playing with them. You are not alone my friend.
mcstorm  +   1064d ago
I agree live to see a bc3 but if im honest I really want to see a Black 2.
DavidMacDougall  +   1064d ago
Same i was playing BFBC1 not long ago, still a good game, would rather have BC3 than BF4
LOL_WUT  +   1064d ago
Yes, it was way too soon for BF4 and to make matters worse we are getting MoH. No wonder people complain about this gen being nothing but FPS games.
NOVAxDRAGON  +   1064d ago
I agree. But then again, you look at the industry and it is either FPS or sports games making the big money. That is thrilling to developers...at least people who want to develop those games. Most of the other devs are moving into the mobile/app arena because they find that for their effort they can be creative and still make enough money to keep going with their wishes.
seanpitt23  +   1064d ago
it dosnt bother me as long as it comes out on nextgen system as well.
pandehz  +   1064d ago
They should focus on a new IP and let ppl play BF3 for sometime.

I only just got CQ dlc 2 days ago and a whole lotta dlc's will be coming. Still learning all the maps and unlocking weaps n stuff.

Would like to get some time on this while I play some other games, but BF4 is a no no for me
Drithe  +   1064d ago
I enjoyed BF bc2 way more than BF3. I mean BF 3 had more open and larger fields which sucked imo, considering you could only play 12 on 12. Bring on BF BC3! To be honest, I just did not like BF 3 all that much.
Allsystemgamer  +   1064d ago
The map size was the problem for console gamers. Pc it's outstanding and obviously the way it's meant to be played with 64 players.
Getowned  +   1064d ago
I agree the maps where too big for 12 vs 12 where as on PC its perfect with 32 vs 32. Thats some thing I hope to see on consoles next gen and really one of the reasons I want next gen(but im in no rush)
dorron  +   1064d ago
The one thing I miss in BF3 from BC2 is playing with my friends. There's no way to go into the same squad and have voice chat!!! In this sense BC2 was amazing. Why BF3 lost this feature I don't know...
NOVAxDRAGON  +   1064d ago
Are you a PC player? I assume by your comment that you are. I have the same issue. It wouldn't be so hard to include some form of voice chat in game...like it is on XBOX and PS3.
GadgetGooch  +   1064d ago
Releasing a BF game every couple of years is not bad at all, content gets stale nowadays on games because were all spoilt by choice, awesome production values and innovations and seeing as COD is an annual release and dosent really inovate or rip my eyeballs out with splender anymore then no BF4 wont be too soon when hits my console next year like a lighting bolt hitting the tip of my penis :) but if it goes annual though then there's a whole new comment to be added.
RedDeadLB  +   1064d ago
Short answer: BC3 yes, BF4 no.
The_KELRaTH  +   1064d ago
I want my next BF game to be using a PS4 so hopefully get a PC graphics quality game and without all the game content cuts.
Frances-the-Mute  +   1064d ago
Bad Company 3 please. I didn't play Battlefield 3 as much Bad Company 2, plus I enjoyed BC2s single player much more.
FarCryLover182  +   1064d ago
I don't think that we will ever get "Bad Company 3." There might be another Bad Company titled game, but since Battlefield 3 came out, I dont think a BC3 would come out anytime soon or ever. The reason that I think that is because many ignorant gamers new to the BF franchise in 2010 and 2011 thought that BF3 was BC3. I remember talking to someone about playing Battlefield 2 and they thought I was talking about Bad Company 2 -___-.
Bounkass  +   1064d ago
It's never too soon for a developer... When the interest in DLC runs out, they make a "new" game. It's all about the money.
NOVAxDRAGON  +   1064d ago
End Game is aptly named.
RockmanII7  +   1064d ago
Short answer, yes. Long answer, Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.
leogets  +   1064d ago
End of the day it doesnt matter what comes 1st. As a mp game the gameplay is the same. U dont get to see the characters behaviour anf attitudes.thats just the campaign side of things.as a whole battlefield mp is just battlefield. They all rock
Staude  +   1064d ago

2143, like they teased.

Imagine, titan mode on frostbite 2.. Oh yes !
PygmelionHunter  +   1064d ago
I agree, they should drop the modern combat next year and give us a 2142 sequel.
KMCROC54  +   1064d ago
It shouldof been done in the following order Battlefield 3,Battlefield bad company,then battlefield 4 on mext Gen.
sly-Famous  +   1064d ago
Get rid of Battle field, and bring back Black FFS.
InTheLab  +   1064d ago
BF4= no
BFBC3= no

Mirror's Edge 2= yes

Tired of the same old shit every other year from Dice.
Parappa  +   1064d ago
How is BF4 too soon? There is no date for it yet and there isn't even a date for the beta. It's not too soon at all. Besides, I would prefer BF4 over another Bad Company game.
Saryk  +   1064d ago
There were a lot of years between 2 and 3.

I would prefer BF 2500+ something futuristic.
I'd take a WWI or a WWII BF also! Hell Cowboys and Indians..............
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