Nokia prepping iPhone beater

T3: Nokia's been threatening to unload its iPhone competition on an unsuspecting public for some time now. And it looks as if the wait is almost over.

The blogosphere is ripe with talk this morning about plans for the Finns to show off Symbian's S60 Touch software at the World Mobile Congress in a couple of weeks.

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EastCoastSB3734d ago

Hopefully they release it to Verizon, I want one badly.

mullet3734d ago

Shouldn't be hard for Nokia to do.

Kyur4ThePain3734d ago


My goodness, can we just call it a "competitor" for now? Even "challenger" sounds better.

skagrerrrr3734d ago

how about wannabe? haha just joking... go nokia!

Perkel3734d ago

I think that Apple will show new iPhone in septenber, like new iPods.

I have Ipod Touch and it's freakin awasome. After jailbreak u can do almost everything (I personaly have: GBA,NES,PSX Emulators, IRC client, sendspace client, RSS channel , iphysics ^^, Java programming tool and and maaany more a whole galaxy of programs. With iPhone u can do the same and + more.

and it's only half a year from beggining of iTouch/iPhone. I Can't imagina what will be after 1 year or 2 years :)

NOKIA beat that then u Win :)

Salvadore3733d ago

We might see Iphone Nano or even Iphone Shuffle.

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