REVIEW: Tales of Graces f | Operation Rainfall

It’s been a long time coming for Tales of Graces f. Originally released on the Wii in 2009 in Japan as Tales of Graces, the first version of the game never made it to our shores. Instead, Namco Bandai decided to remake the game in ‘high definition’ for the PS3, and only release the newest version in the west. Upon the game’s arrival in North America, it was routinely ignored, and some reviewers didn’t even play all the way through the game. That’s why I was happy to get a chance to review Tales of Graces f for the European release.

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Noaxzl2088d ago

I think Vesperia is my favorite Tales game, but this one is pretty good too.

leahcim2088d ago

flawless game!

please namco bring us Xillia ASAP