A Fight To The Death

Newsweek writes:

"It should be a colossal success story for television. A new generation of high-definition DVDs hold more than five times the data of conventional DVDs, offering crisper images, richer colors and room left over for features such as movie-related games. Last year sales of hi-def discs amounted to only 10 million, compared with 900 million conventional DVDs. What's been standing in the way of a potentially huge market, the conventional wisdom holds, is the format war between Blu-ray, backed by Sony and other firms, and Toshiba's HD DVD."

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Lucreto3795d ago

No matter what all these people say DD is years away. Europe is behind in broadband and HDTV uptake. DD won't be fully available there for another 5 to 10 years. Thats a lot of money if they focused of DD now.

VHS is still going and most still use it to record TV even though HDD recorders have been available for years. DD will happen but not for a good while yet.