One Year On - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

GR-UK: "People didn't really know us; we were playing with a cult classic and players naturally feared they'd be disappointed by our take on it." - Jean-François Dugas, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Executive Game Director.

A year after its release, we look back at Human Revolution, reevaluating our verdict and talking to its creators about its long road of development.

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Hellsvacancy2120d ago

I kinda would of thought there would of been more dlc for this awesome game, its typical, you get dlc for a game you dont want but a game you do want, you dont get

Admittedly, im not sure how they could of done it, but im sure they could of somehow

Much looking forward to more Deus Ex in the future, not this gen though, next gen launch title

FCOLitsjustagame2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

I just finished this game Sunday.

It was slow to get my attention then it got good, then I ran into the boss fights and it stunk....then I figured out how you could make the boss fights cake and was able to move on and have fun again....then I saved someone that I let die at first (I reloaded after the thought occurred to me "hey can I save that person" and looked it up on the internet). Then I got to the end and was oddly more satisfied with it then I was with ME3 even though it had a similar structure.

I guess it was the lack of introducing a brand new character and changing the entire story at the end and probably and the little speech as each ending ran that gave some insight into what the character may have been thinking. And of course there really wasn't anyones fate hanging in the balance that I really cared about (I mean there are people I liked but I could figure out basically what happened to them based on my choices).

The choices were based on the rest of the story and were a cause for some contemplation, even after I made my choice. I guess I could debate what the developers thought would be the ultimate outcome of at least one of the choices but at least they all made sense in that particular games universe.

catch2120d ago

I absolutely loved this game. Just a few minor gripes such as the boss fights, endings, and no newgame+ mode. Otherwise stellar gameplay and story I hope to see more like it.

PirateThom2120d ago

I played it, but the boss fights just started to annoy me to the point I have no interest in playing it. If ever there was a game ruined by unnecessary content, it's DEHR.

LarVanian2120d ago

Fully upgraded revolver with explosive rounds is also your friend.

DOMination-2119d ago

There was only 3 of them. Probably like 1% of the game

PirateThom2119d ago

I know, I struggled through two of them but when you've based your entire playthrough around stealth and then there's bosses that require full on assaults, it wears thin really quickly when you have to replay bosses over and over again because the game doesn't account for the player going all stealth.

DOMination-2117d ago

Yeah, well it certainly was out of place for a Deus Ex game for sure. The original had boss fights but you could always run away from them or approach it in non-combat fashion.

Perjoss2120d ago

I really loved this game. I had 1 small issue with it apart from the terrible boss fights, I would have liked it if Adam Jensen opened his glasses for cutscenes (they close very near the beginning and you never see them open again) I felt a little detached as you can never see his eyes. At least they could have had him open them up when talking to closer friends.

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