Sony had planned MediEvil 3, prototypes were developed for PS3 and PSP

"Sony’s extensive PlayStation-exclusive line-up isn’t short of big name players but hidden beneath its blockbuster franchises are smaller, lesser known names. One of which is Sony Cambridge Studio’s MediEvil" writes GameSector.

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user54670071873d ago


Then make it then....we want it

SilentNegotiator1873d ago

Seeing MediEvil 3 would be about as awesome as Banjo-Threeie.

So many IPs just sitting there (medievil) or else being abused (Banjo, Spyro).

HammadTheBeast1873d ago

Spyro died for me when his head looked like it got ran over by an 18 wheeler.

NukaCola1873d ago

Well maybe he will return....because....


I hope this kick starts up a MediEvil 3 game in the future. It's so awesome to see Sir Dan back.

(Also Gamespot confirmed Nariko too!)

theunleashed641873d ago

strangely enough it isn't listed as cancelled or put on hold. maybe it's still in development? hopefully i'm right.

Hellsvacancy1873d ago

Hopefully, id buy MediEvil 3, i really liked the old skool PS1 games

BudMcMuffin2go1873d ago

AWWWW damn i remember this game for the ps1 how i would love to have one for the ps3 Sweeeeeeeet !!!!

izumo_lee1873d ago

Sir Dan NEEDS to make a comeback!! Seriously!!

MediEvil was an excellent game & a very underrated classic. If rumors are true that he will make an appearance in PSAS it will definitely help move development of a new game forward.

himdeel1873d ago

I finally get to play it on Vita :) Just downloaded it yesterday :)

izumo_lee1873d ago

It's awesome right! Pretty cool that a game that came out in i believe 1998 is still really fun to play.

I still own my original copy of the game for the PSone. I keep all my games that i have bought over the years so i am proud of to have this game in my collection.

Slugg3r1873d ago

Does Vita support the PSP remake version of the original?

guitarded771873d ago

A good place to begin his comeback would be PlayStation All Stars. Let players go "Oh I remember that game", then release a new MediEvil. Boom... success. Sometimes bringing an IP back after so long has negative consequences, but warming up gamers with an appearance here and there, builds the hype.

guitarded771873d ago

Holy crap... I psychic!!! They announced Sir Dan along with Nariko for PSABR just a bit ago. Okay, I'm gonna go play the lotto now.

Cajun Chicken1873d ago

Hope this happens. Loved this franchise.

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The story is too old to be commented.