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Sony had planned MediEvil 3, prototypes were developed for PS3 and PSP

"Sony’s extensive PlayStation-exclusive line-up isn’t short of big name players but hidden beneath its blockbuster franchises are smaller, lesser known names. One of which is Sony Cambridge Studio’s MediEvil" writes GameSector. (MediEvil, PS3, PSP, Sony)

user5467007  +   1064d ago

Then make it then....we want it
SilentNegotiator  +   1064d ago
Seeing MediEvil 3 would be about as awesome as Banjo-Threeie.

So many IPs just sitting there (medievil) or else being abused (Banjo, Spyro).
HammadTheBeast  +   1064d ago
Spyro died for me when his head looked like it got ran over by an 18 wheeler.
NukaCola  +   1064d ago
Well maybe he will return....because....


I hope this kick starts up a MediEvil 3 game in the future. It's so awesome to see Sir Dan back.

(Also Gamespot confirmed Nariko too!)
theunleashed64  +   1064d ago
strangely enough it isn't listed as cancelled or put on hold. maybe it's still in development? hopefully i'm right.
Hellsvacancy  +   1064d ago
Hopefully, id buy MediEvil 3, i really liked the old skool PS1 games
BudMcMuffin2go  +   1064d ago
AWWWW damn i remember this game for the ps1 how i would love to have one for the ps3 Sweeeeeeeet !!!!
izumo_lee  +   1064d ago
Sir Dan NEEDS to make a comeback!! Seriously!!

MediEvil was an excellent game & a very underrated classic. If rumors are true that he will make an appearance in PSAS it will definitely help move development of a new game forward.
himdeel  +   1064d ago
I finally get to play it on Vita :) Just downloaded it yesterday :)
izumo_lee  +   1064d ago
It's awesome right! Pretty cool that a game that came out in i believe 1998 is still really fun to play.

I still own my original copy of the game for the PSone. I keep all my games that i have bought over the years so i am proud of to have this game in my collection.
Slugg3r  +   1064d ago
Does Vita support the PSP remake version of the original?
guitarded77  +   1064d ago
A good place to begin his comeback would be PlayStation All Stars. Let players go "Oh I remember that game", then release a new MediEvil. Boom... success. Sometimes bringing an IP back after so long has negative consequences, but warming up gamers with an appearance here and there, builds the hype.
guitarded77  +   1064d ago
Holy crap... I psychic!!! They announced Sir Dan along with Nariko for PSABR just a bit ago. Okay, I'm gonna go play the lotto now.
Cajun Chicken  +   1064d ago
Hope this happens. Loved this franchise.
jimbobwahey  +   1064d ago
You have to wonder how much money Sony has wasted funding the development of all these games, only to go and cancel the projects. There's recent examples with games such as Wipeout (in development for PS4 for over a year) and god knows how many others, as well as all the money that they pumped into development of LA Noire before abandoning the project and letting Rockstar take over.

You never really hear of this happening with Microsoft or Nintendo, so I find it utterly bizarre that Sony is constantly starting and cancelling projects. It seems like such a big waste of money.
TheMasterShake  +   1064d ago
how the hell is MediEvil lesser known? MediEvil was one the games to put playStation on the map. no it wasn't just crash or spyro. F**k this article
BlackIceJoe  +   1064d ago
Why did this have to be canceled. I have wanted a new one for years. I would love to see a new one come out for the Vita. Sony Cambridge should also revive Primal too.
theunleashed64  +   1064d ago
apparently primal 2 was in development. one of the linkedin profiles on the site's link list's it there.
wiiu_peeu  +   1064d ago
Great game i dont know wtf Sony is thinking about. Imagine a ps3 medievil wowwwwwwwww
VitaOwner  +   1064d ago
Please Bring it to the Vita Sony!!!
Relientk77  +   1064d ago
Sony please make this game for PS3, PS4 whatever I dont care. The franchise is amazing and so much fun to play
Acquiescence  +   1064d ago
Once Playstation All-Stars comes out...
and reminds everyone of how awesome Sir Dan is, maybe the MediEvil series will be given another chance.
mt  +   1064d ago
ready to pre-order medievil 3 .
smashcrashbash  +   1064d ago
Never fear. Sir Dan seems to be in PASBR and hopefully this will spark interest in Medievil 3. C'mon Sony. Daddy need a new Medievil game

@ jimbobwahey Companies cancel projects all the time because they are not working out or other projects nudge it out or for various other reasons. Sony makes many exclusives and you can't expect every single on to be green lighted. Also I don't understand what is with this sudden release of games that never seemed to get past then prototype stage suddenly popping up every where. Who is leaking all this stuff out?
Magnus  +   1064d ago
Sony makes it I will buy it MediEvil was my favorite game. I also hope they reboot Blasto as well.
RiseAbove  +   1064d ago
I've been waiting for MediEvil 3 since I beat part 2 when it was first released! It's been one of my most wanted sequels. It's absurd that it was never made.
BigStef71  +   1064d ago
Hopefully the project is still alive. I would love MediEvil 3 on ps3!!!
Avalanche  +   1064d ago
a game like this would not sell well on the Ps3, then that would kill any future sequels. this game belongs on the Vita. MediEvil is one of Sonys most under rated franchises(Along with Syphon Filter)

Bring it to the Vita and it WILL Succeed, and Throw in Dan Fortesque in Playstation All Stars so it can refresh peoples memory(Like Pit in SSB Brawl)
smashcrashbash  +   1064d ago
Excuse me, speak for yourself. I and I am sure many people would love to see a Medievil sequel on a the PS3 especially if it is done well. What is with the premature negativity about not selling well and killing any future sequels? You act as if nothing has ever sold well on the PS3 before.Do you have any idea the potential Medievil 3 will have with the Ps3's power behind it? It is still awesome even with dated graphics and bad camera just imagine it now.

@ CanadianTurtle.Oh yeah you know that for a fact. Once again using opinion as fact on N4G. How will you know unless you try it? How is anyone supposed to get to know Sir Dan and Medievil if you never bring him out into this new gen? They don't have to know who he is but the people playing it now will get to know him.Sir Dan can win gamers hearts too but he won't if you just stick him in a corner and claim no one will buy it. Who cares if they don't know who he is? Is that all that matters? What about it being a good game?
CanadianTurtle  +   1064d ago
If you want to know why it's not released, you need to ask yourself, "will a hack/slash action platformer sell thesedays?"

Don't get me wrong, if Jak4 (Yes, I know Jak4 ISN'T hack/slash) or a new Sly Cooper game came out, it would sell very much because there was already a strong audience from the PS2 days. Its reasonable to release those games. But Medievil isn't really a brand that everyone knows. It has a niche audience nowadays.

Unless the developers find a way to revolutionize the gameplay for action adventure platformers, that's a different story.
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SolidDuck  +   1064d ago
I kinda agree. It probably wouldn't sell well without any marketing. When they release the ps4 I hope they sign a new marketing company. Sony is horrible at marketing there games. But lately I've seen multiple Madden, Sony commercials. SONY, people already know about Madden, advertise like this for games they don't know about. U know? Your exclusives? Not games that have been released yearly for the last 25 years. Although the new Madden is great, finally some changes.

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