PS3 gamers are right to hate on Bethesda

Geoffrey Tim:

It might be cool to hate on it now, but The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was a pretty damned exceptional game. That is, unless you played it on the PlayStation 3. While Bethesda-developed games do tend to have more bugs than you can shake a citronella-coated stick at, the PS3 version was notoriously bug-ridden, including a one that would slow the game down to longer you played. Nearly a year and a slew of patches later, the game might actually run properly on Playstations now – but the situation’s barely improved.

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TheMasterShake2061d ago

i don't hate bethesda they released two of my favorite games this gen, Fallout 3 & Fallout: New Vegas. personally im not dealing with the whole skyrim situation because 1. skyrim is trash, 2. elder scrolls in general is trash, & 3. i didn't buy that shitty game to begin with. i've always hated that F****n series since the beginning. nevertheless i understand why people are upset. all i can say is just stop buying their games if your that adamant that bethesda is screwing the PS3 users over. for me i'll continue to play my fallout & enjoy myself :)

Anon19742061d ago

I didn't have a single issue with Skyrim on my PS3, and by the time I ever heard some people were having problems they had it fixed. It sucks for those who were affected but these things happen. In my eyes, Skyrim was an absolute masterpiece and I don't care how much people want to bitch about it because for me it's in my top 3 games this gen and at the end of the day that's all that matters. Did you enjoy it.

As for Dawnguard, for sure I want it but I'd rather they take the time and iron out the bugs I read were plaguing the 360 version first. If it needs work, it needs work. Should they rush it out before it's ready just to appease PS3 fans? I'd rather they didn't.

decrypt2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

Bethesda should just downgrade the graphics on the PS3 version of the game. Since the PS3 cant handle all the load.

Leave the xbox 360 where it is, increase graphics on the PC(oh wait we have the modding community doing a better job lol).

HammadTheBeast2061d ago

Sorry decrypt, couldn't hear you over the sounds of Uncharted and the other sounds of you switching disks again.

Skate-AK2061d ago

Obsidian Entertainment made Fallout New Vegas. Bethesda published it.

NYC_Gamer2061d ago

PS3 owners should demand better treatment from Bethesda

Godmars2902061d ago

PS3-only owners just shouldn't buy their games. Take the chance Bethesda will either do better with PS3 versions of their games or stop trying/offering them on the system.

Freakazoid20122061d ago

I said that to someone just the other day and got all kinds of hate for it but it is completely true. Just stop supporting their bad programming and they will learn their lesson. If you keep buying it, you cant blame them for continuing to put out bad products.

Moby-Royale2061d ago

Of course Freakazoid isn't intelligent to realize this but, all you have to do is buy used.

Perhaps you aren't smart enough either.

Kind of sad..

JAMurida2060d ago

The only problem with that is only the let's say 1,000 people here at most will see that. Not the other hundreds of thousands that don't even know gaming sites exist that will blindly go out and buy it. So either way, we're fucked.

My solution, just get it on PC. Despite the 360 version getting all the good stuff, I read how the 360 version is going through hell just like the PS3 version. So might as well just get it on a platform that technically offers more in the long run (mods) and performs the best of the three.

SageHonor2061d ago

Agreed, after fallout 3 and what ive been hearing from my friends regarding new vegas and skyrim.. i'll never bother with their games

Godchild10202061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

I'm not hating on Bethesda. I knew better to wait for the GOTY edition for Skyrim. I have always done that with Bethesda's games and always will.

kneon2061d ago

That's what I do, usually by then they have sorted out most of the major issues.

KwietStorm2061d ago

That doesn't help the situation though. In fact, you're ignoring it completely as if it doesn't exist. While there's the chance that the game would have been fixed by then, it shouldn't be this way to begin with.

ApolloTheBoss2061d ago

Yeah I'll remember that next time.

josephps32061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

Bought Fallout 3- damn bugs but its open world and fun to play so I'll deal with it and let it go.

Bought Fallout New Vegas - holy even more bugs and severe game breaking bugs. What the hell? Didn't they learn anything from Fallout? Why are they doing this again to their customers/fans who are supporting them? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice...I don't like you Bethesda.

Skyrim. I know I shouldn't its Bethesda afterall but they must have learned from their mistake now. Its suppose to be a new game engine and the game looks so awesome. Okay I'm going to just give Bethesda one more chance and buy it.

WTF! Bugs galore again! Can a company really screw with their customers this much and get away with it. This is just getting ridiculous.

That's it I'm just not buying anything involved with Bethesda anymore. Enough is enough. Eg) Dishonored. Interested and was going to buy it but Bethesda name was mentioned so now I won't buy it. Don't care if Bethesda is only the publisher. They were the publisher for Fallout New Vegas as well.

Never am I buying anything where Bethesda is involved. If any game has that disgusting shameful fraudulant company name printed on the back anywhere for any reason its automatically no buy for me. That's what you get when you consistently screw with your customers.

Why would I hire back the same plumber who fracked up the renovation not once, not twice, but three times? No way, no how, not ever!

sourav932061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

Amen to that sister!

(just in case you're a dude, sorry for calling you "sister")

vortis2061d ago

WTF? Why did you assume it was a girl?

It's got a dude's name. Alternatively you could have just said "Amen to that, you thing."

It's a lot more hospitable and a much nicer thing to say than to assume it's a strudel or a pie.

josephps32061d ago

That profile pic is my g/f. I like seeing her face whenever I come to this site.

Actually rate my g/f pic out of ten. There is another pic of her when click on my name. Its a bikini pic :) and yes she knows about them.

vallencer2060d ago

So does that mean you wont buy anything from ID software anymore? No Doom 4 for you? Just curious since Bethesda only publishes IDs' games.

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