SingStar '90s' - Final Tracklist

Worthplaying writes, nothing screams '90s quite like The Cranberries' Zombie and Billy Ray Cyrus' Achey Breaky Heart and nothing will get you as pumped as everybody's party favourite – Love Shack from the B-52's.

Featuring the who's who of 90s music icons such as MC Hammer, Sir Mix-A-Lot, REM and the Spice Girls, SingStar '90s will have you and your mates longing to wear Bum Bags all over again. Released in Europe in 2007, the North American edition is expected March 2008.

SingStar '90s Tracklist:

"Tennessee" -- Arrested Development
"Motownphilly" -- Boys II Men
"Tubthumping" -- Chumbawumba
"I Wanna Sex You Up" -- Color Me Badd
"I Touch Myself" -- Divinyls
"Free Your Mind" -- En Vogue
"More Than Words" -- Extreme
"Hey Jealousy" -- Gin Blossoms
"Only Wanna Be With You" -- Hootie and the Blowfish
"Right Here Right Now" -- Jesus Jones
"Steal My Sunshine" -- Len
"U Can't Touch This" -- MC Hammer
"Torn" -- Natalie Imbruglia
"Step By Step" -- New Kids On The Block
"Lithium" -- Nirvana
"Opposites Attract" -- Paula Abdul
"Unskinny Bop" -- Poison
"Everybody Hurts" -- REM
"Smooth" -- Santana (feat. Rob Thomas)
"I Want You" -- Savage Garden
"Kiss From A Rose" -- SEAL
"Baby Got Back" -- SIR MIX A LOT
"Kiss Me" -- Sixpence None The Richer
"Black Hole Sun" -- Soundgarden
"Two Princes" -- Spin Doctors
"Plush" -- Stone Temple Pilots
"Zombie" -- The Cranberries
"Ice Ice Baby" -- Vanilla Ice
"Hold On" -- Wilson Phillips

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Darkiewonder3792d ago

It's scary that I helped choose that song when they were doing the Sing Star Survey lol

achira3792d ago

they choose them with surveys, interesting. and nice list there.

meepmoopmeep3792d ago

it would have been nice to have all those songs on the PS3 version from the get-go >:|

Cyrus3653792d ago

I'm sure it'll all come to the PS3 version, i mean all they gotta do is jazz the video and sound in HD pretty much.

Yaster3792d ago

A couple of those songs are already avaliable to download in the EU version of Singstar, like Len and Arrested Development, yet they weren't in the Singstar 90s we got last autumn