Zune user files suit against Microsoft over alleged ear damage

Engadget reports according to Zune user Joel Geddis, way back in 2006 his first gen player spontaneously reset and blasted an ear-shattering noise through the earbuds, resulting in permanent "fluid leakage from [his] ear canal, impaired hearing, and incessant ringing and discomfort." Sound like the stuff of a lawsuit? That'd be correct. Like many others, Joel is beating the war drum in an attempt to raise some awareness of his pending product liability and personal injury suit against Toshiba (who made the first Zune's hardware) and Microsoft. See, this is why we warn people to put in ear-plugs before putting on their headphones -- otherwise you might damage your hearing.

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HarryEtTubMan3823d ago

Lmao Microsoft just make Software.... o wait no one wants Vista or even HD DVD anymore either, huh? XD

Bill Gates3823d ago

This is NOT TRUE!! Bladestar loves his Zune, and his 360 has NEVER died on him.......AAAHAHHHAHAHHHAHHHAH AH

Admit it BABOONS, M$ is junk, and it shows in their products.