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Why I am NOT a Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo fanboy

Non Specific Action are fed up of all this ranting and raving by fanboys who don't allow anyone to have an opinion that doesn't agree with their own. (3DS, Microsoft, Nintendo, PS3, Sony, Wii, Xbox 360)

TheMasterShake  +   1005d ago
im a fanboy of games.
guitarded77  +   1005d ago
Same here, but the second you bring up an honest criticism of a platform specific game you get marked as a fanboy... or the second you applaud a specific console manufacturer, you get marked as a fanboy, or the second you make a comparison (because of obvious similarities) you get marked as a fanboy. I really don't even mind the fanboys, I mind the witch hunt for fanboys.
Intentions  +   1005d ago
I'm a gamer. I like to play games.
Silly Mammo  +   1005d ago
Having not read the article, I'm going to assume this was written by a PC fanboy? ;)
No FanS Land  +   1005d ago
that's why I chose this name.
Freakazoid2012  +   1005d ago
Well sites like N4G dont help. Go to most Nintendo articles and anyone who says anything positive about Nintendo but does not say anything negative about any other company will still not have more than 2 bubbles. Go to any Sony article and look at the blind followers who hate anything not Sony and notice how many bubbles they have.

Hell I lost all of mine and yet havent had a single comment marked for trolling etc but because I defend Nintendo from certain trolls here then some mod decides to take them for no legit reason.

I did leave one bad comment after losing them all though.

Anyway when sites like N4G reward fanboy behavior and punish true gamers, they only add to the problem.

If another site like this one ever comes out I will not be back to this site ever again.
Ben_Grimm  +   1000d ago



"Hell I lost all of mine and yet havent had a single comment marked for trolling etc ..."

Ha, I doubt that, just looking at your current comments.
And you are seriously wondering why you have one bubble? I can think of a few legit reasons why your bubbles were taken.
R_aVe_N  +   1005d ago
I am a fanboy of good games it don't matter what platform they are on.
dark-hollow  +   1005d ago
Be a 3DO fan for all I care, just don't shove your favorite platform into every article about other consoles.
nintendojunkie28  +   1005d ago
Exactly,I can't tell you how many Sony fanboys frequent the Nintendo articles simply to bash ninty and subsequently champion Sony.When a Nintendo fan is getting more disagrees than agrees for commenting on a Nintendo post,you know there's a problem.Sadly,Sony fanboys have ruined my opinion of Sony,'cause of them,I have a general feeling of disgust whenever I so much as hear the word.I know this may sound ridiculous,right?...I mean,the fanboys don't make the products,they don't speak for Sony,do they? ..I just can't seem to help it though.Sony fanboyism is so ingrained in Sony culture,that I can't separate the two.It's truly unfortunate,to me anyway.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1005d ago
I'm a Sony fan. It's the people that will disagree with this that are the fanboys
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GribbleGrunger  +   1005d ago
It's just too easy

I often wonder how old those phantom disagrees are. Ii doubt there in their late twenties. Surely someone of that age would probably make a comment. 11? 12? I'd say probably around that age, yes. I like to play the ironic card occasionally and could think of no better place than this article.
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ronin4life  +   1005d ago
Well, does that mean Sony fanboys, who would not disagree with you are not fanboys?
Regardless, that's a lot of disagrees... are you guys disagreeing with his theory or his Sony fanism?

The agree/disagree system is to vague...>.<;;;

Also, I'm a Nintendo fanboy.
nik666uk  +   1005d ago
Why would a Sony fan have that awful profile picture?
Getowned  +   1005d ago
I wouldn't be bashing someones profile pic when you don't even have one XD

nintendojunkie28  +   1005d ago
@ Getowned
lol...So true!

BTW nik666uk....V is epic,nothin' wrong with his profile pic.
dark-hollow  +   1005d ago
I know you associate the guy Fawkes mask with anonymous but actually that picture is from V for vendetta.

Its a pretty good movie you should watch it.
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TheDivine  +   1005d ago
Pffff. Everyone knows WII>everything else. Its basically alien tech. Even now top dev's are working to unleash its true potential. I heard it even has an extra core not even unlocked yet (when it does mind BLOWN people). It has the highest number of exclusives and gets COD map packs so early they never arrive. Nintendogs>Kinectimals and Eye Pet. Wiimote was an innovation so innovative it was delayed from a decade ago to wait till the world was ready to realize its awesomeness. Add that to the fact that it has all Megaman games in all of their 8 bit glory and you get the baddest motherfornicatin system on the planet! No the galaxy! No, the universe! No, even in the Metaverse! (Even in the space between the spaces, the TODASAH BUM BUM BUUUUUMMMMM.). Its so crammed full of futuristic stuff that they had to remove the ability to play dvd's so that the metaverse doesnt implode (Youre welcome BTW. Couldve been a bad day for all of us if Nintendo had allowed that to happen:) It even has BC with the next generation (its futuristic, it makes sense if you dont think too hard) and it even allows you to play all of your old Nintendo games. Theyre soo good youll even decide to tip Nintendo with some future currency called wii points (must be future money from when Mario conquers N Korea, Iran, and Canada creating the Axis of Awesome People who think 90's music is new and rock MC Hammer baggy pants). It even lets you digitize yourself and be inserted into a very primitive version of the Matrix (beta version i guess IDK?). Words cannot express the complete and utter failure of MS and Sony to compete with this magical box.

EDIT: I have been having a hard time playing mp though. I think someones on the phone cause my dialup isnt working right. Il have to call AOL and see if theres a problem with the world wide web or maybe my wii is just too powerful?
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Excalibur  +   1005d ago
Just like my sig says, "be a gamer, not a hater". ;)
klecser  +   1005d ago
Many people get Fanboy labels that they don't deserve. The problem with gamers, IMO, is that a majority of them have above average intelligence. Therefore, arrogance is pervasive amongst gamers. Some gamers are smarter than others.

My experience has been twofold:

1) There are the legitimate "fanboys" that have illogical and emotional attachments to games and certain companies who unfairly and illogically criticize those that have criticisms.

2) Then there are individuals who have legitimate, logical criticisms of game sand game companies that get called fanboys because the people hearing their arguments are too dumb to understand the arguments or have the social skills of a rock. They label others "fanboys" as their one stop shop way of "sticking it" to people who frustrate them in ways that they cannot express in a healthy way.

Way too many idiot gamers lump people into category one when they don't deserve it.
klecser  +   1005d ago
lag, sorry, double post.
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n4f  +   1005d ago
im a nintendo fan. but that doesnt stop me from buying uncharted3 or halo4.
TGF_Zero  +   1005d ago
I'm so glad I read this article. To some extent it brings light to many users on N4G. Not just N4G bit IGN and many other gaming websites as well. I think that when someone has a console they feel the need to have to defend it to the extreme. What that usally results in is them refusing to give any other console a chance and bashing in them only because they read some silly articles online. My cousin owns a PS3, I own a 360. I own gears 3 and he owns Uncharted 3. When I go to his house I have a great time playing Uncharted. However when he comes to mine he refuses to play Gears and says any game on 360 is a step down from any game on PS3. I think thats ridiculous. I will admit I am a Fanboy. A fanboy of Gaming who refuses to be prejudice on any console.
CShadow  +   1005d ago
Just say i prefer this ones (company) games. I prefer Sony until til I actually see some games for my other systems like Last Story is great. Xbox really waiting for something else halo and gears are tiresome games to me sorry.
nik666uk   1005d ago | Offensive
Max-Zorin  +   1005d ago
Real gamers play them all.

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