Why I am NOT a Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo fanboy

Non Specific Action are fed up of all this ranting and raving by fanboys who don't allow anyone to have an opinion that doesn't agree with their own.

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guitarded772063d ago

Same here, but the second you bring up an honest criticism of a platform specific game you get marked as a fanboy... or the second you applaud a specific console manufacturer, you get marked as a fanboy, or the second you make a comparison (because of obvious similarities) you get marked as a fanboy. I really don't even mind the fanboys, I mind the witch hunt for fanboys.

Intentions2063d ago

I'm a gamer. I like to play games.

Silly Mammo2063d ago

Having not read the article, I'm going to assume this was written by a PC fanboy? ;)

No FanS Land2063d ago

that's why I chose this name.

Freakazoid20122063d ago

Well sites like N4G dont help. Go to most Nintendo articles and anyone who says anything positive about Nintendo but does not say anything negative about any other company will still not have more than 2 bubbles. Go to any Sony article and look at the blind followers who hate anything not Sony and notice how many bubbles they have.

Hell I lost all of mine and yet havent had a single comment marked for trolling etc but because I defend Nintendo from certain trolls here then some mod decides to take them for no legit reason.

I did leave one bad comment after losing them all though.

Anyway when sites like N4G reward fanboy behavior and punish true gamers, they only add to the problem.

If another site like this one ever comes out I will not be back to this site ever again.

Ben_Grimm2058d ago

"Hell I lost all of mine and yet havent had a single comment marked for trolling etc ..."

Ha, I doubt that, just looking at your current comments.
And you are seriously wondering why you have one bubble? I can think of a few legit reasons why your bubbles were taken.

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The story is too old to be commented.