Has The PS4 Just Been Shown? Reports are in from attendees of this evening’s Metal Gear Solid 25th anniversary event in Japan. The highlight was a new MGS game and that game was Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. Could we have seen the PS4 in action?

Reports state that

“Just saw stuff we can’t tweet about? Will give impressions later.” & “Demo of “Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes”, started w cutscene (all realtime), went into gameplay, open world, night, raining, base. AMAZING”

We reached out to the some of the attendes to find out what was seen.....


Gamespot has said: "The demo itself was running on a PC and was played using an Xbox 360 controller. Nothing was spared in terms of detailing and fidelity, from the lighting and shadows during Snake's sneaking bits to the vehicles and character models in motion during the heavy rain. So far the game and its engine was designed with the PS3 and Xbox 360 in mind, but Kojima stated that the engine itself will cater itself for next gen consoles."

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wwm0nkey2270d ago

From what I understand they showed it on a current gen PC and the target platforms are the current gen systems (PS3/360)

MasonicGamer2270d ago

The demo was shown on PC but could this have been a PS4 dev Kit?

TrevorPhillips2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Could've been and not only that, it was running on "Fox Engine".

jaosobno2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )


Actually, demo was running on a high end PC and no platforms were mentioned:

And if the game looks anything like that first released pic, this gen can't pull that off.

NewMonday2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Konami will demo the high end version for now, they know by the time of release the new consoles will be out, but they will still have a lower version out for PS3 and 360.

the same strategy Ubi are using with marketing Watch Dogs, i think other publishers will do the same, release games on the new consoles and the old.

thrashermario2270d ago

EWW a freemason, STAHP trying to take over the world and enslaving humanity, STAHP!!!!!!!

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SynGamer2270d ago

Current-gen PCs are WAY better than the PS3 and 360. We're talking almost 7 years in terms of specs evolving. A "current-gen" PC would pretty much destroy the PS3/360 and could easily be close to what the new consoles will have.

pompombrum2270d ago

Wow there is one person (who disagreed) living in denial. Wanna see the difference between current gen consoles and PC? Go compare battlefield 3.

THESONYPS32270d ago

@aiBreeze Crysis one looks better than Battlefield 3, Crysis 3 will blow BF3 away.

JAM_brz2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Rumors suggests that the "PS4/Xbox720" don´t will be as powefull as the current PC we already have today.
But maybe Konami is cheating us and running the new MGS in a PS4. Who knows.

Raf1k12270d ago

I would love for this to come out on PC. Think of how awesome it would look. Since they were using current gen PC instead of a console it could be they have a PC version in the works with PC specific features.

I'm hoping that's the case but if it isn't I'll be more than happy to get it on PS3.

decrypt2270d ago

"A "current-gen" PC would pretty much destroy the PS3/360 and could easily be close to what the new consoles will have."

I think current gen PCs would easily destroy next gen consoles. Reasons are simple, i dont think next gen consoles will be a huge leap.

1. Cost constraints- Both the console makers have learnt their lesson, they know console gamers dont care about graphics, hence investing too much into powerful hardware is a waste of resources and only leads to selling hardware at a loss.

2. Even if they want to pack powerful hardware, they cant. Heat and power requirements on new hardware is significantly higher then what it used to be few years back. They would some how need to defy physics if they are to put a high powered GPU into the contrained box of a console. Also people should consider looking at the kind of PSUs that go into PC to powerup the same graphics cards. The plastic PSUs within consoles would never be able to supply enough power power up a beastly GPU of today.

Console makers would have to significantly increase the sizes of their boxes inorder to improve airflow and accomodate much larger PSUs if they are to increase power significantly. Other wise they will just be looking for RRODs and YLOD to happen.

Dms20122270d ago

Why would anyone disagree with that? It's not even your opinion, its simply a fact. It's like saying that a Nokia phone I had back in 2005 is as good as my Galaxy S Blaze.

Brosy2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Where do you get that console gamers dont care about graphics? Im a console gamer and I care about graphics. What I dont care about is the hassle it takes to be a PC gamer. But I like good graphics just like anyone else. It doesnt take a console as much to have good quality graphics as it does a PC. So the console makers shouldnt have any trouble producing next-gen graphics. You should go watch the Unreal Engine 4 demo, and the newest Star Wars 1313 videos, they look freakin amazing.

2270d ago
T9002270d ago


"I agree brosy. I have a PC that can run most current gen PC games just not at their highest settings, and this pc cost me almost 3,000 when i first purchased it a few years back."

This is simply a lie or you got scammed big time. A 700usd PC from 3-4 years back can still play most games out today in 1080p. You can check they have 500usd builds that play most games out today in 1080p. So i dont see how you could have spent 3000usd and still not able to play maxed out.

Making claims of having to update every year are simply false. You seem more like the people who try to give PC gaming a bad name in regards to costs and upgrades. A properly made PC can easily last 4-5 years with no upgrades and still out play consoles in every game.

one2thr2270d ago

Everything on Pc can be done at 1080p but that doesnt necessarily mean that it'll look good.

Like Fallout New Vegas, I can play it at 1080p(or higher rez) an it still looks like rubbish compared to lets say Heavy Rain which is at 720p.

Whats the sense of bragging about resolutions when some games look like crap?

Games worth playing at 1080:
Blacklight retribution
LA Noir
Arkham City
And many more, but not all games played at 1080p look good

Kidmyst2270d ago

@T900 he probably bought Alienware, highly overpriced gaming PC's from them can easily cost way more than they should.

But I agree with T900, I build gaming PC's once every 4-5 years and built one for BF3, I go with the best I can afford so all I need to upgrade is the Graphics cards. CPU, Mobo and Ram all at stock setting now but can also be overclocked in case the 4-5 year marks push the PC. But with a Quadcore, 8GB of RAM (can run up to 16GB), Overclockers Mobo,SSD HDD's and a huge power supply. I'm set for a while all for around $1,500 with modding my own case and custom painted it too.
Never buying a PC again, will always build.

hellvaguy2270d ago

"current-gen PC would pretty much destroy the PS3/360"

Problem with this statement is that for all the power of pc's, the vast majority of software doesnt maximize its potential because its such a fragmented audience. Adiitionally, windows is a pretty big resource hog too.

Maddens Raiders2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Who cares? If you want to play crappy 3rd party games, a paltry offering of console exclusives, or PC only games get a PC or MS product. If you want to play 1st party Sony exclusives you get a PlayStation. Simple.

_-EDMIX-_2269d ago

Whats even funnier is a "current gen" PC is technically by now a next gen console in terms of tech.

tee_bag2422269d ago

Decrypt is on the money with his comment.
The PSU is a dead give away as to what sort of GPU its going to have.
If you want to find out more, find out what PSU its going to have.

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DeadlyFire2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

I don't see this coming to current gen. Target my ass. Its like Star Wars 1313, and Watch Dogs. I question the game Remember Me as well. They are both Next-gen games, but they have to say they are current gen until the NDA for next gen platforms is gone!

I don't see how PS4 should be the main relevance. It could easily be on Xbox 3 or WiiU hardware as well. Developers can only show their new games on PC hardware because the next gen tech isn't here to show it off.

wwm0nkey2270d ago

Well FOX Engine already runs on PS3 and 360 so if this is running on FOX Engine (which it is) then it can easily come to those platforms.

However I would like for them to hold off until the PS4/720 hit.

DeadlyFire2270d ago

I guess I should rephrase that to I don't see this Just coming to this gen. PS3/X360 will get a port of it from newer hardware down to them.

If it was using High end PC to demo the engine. They likely plan for next gen launch of it as well as even Cloud.

MostJadedGamer2270d ago

I don't think the PS4 will make it out til 2014. I don't see it coming next year. Though its obvious the 720 will be out next year.

_-EDMIX-_2269d ago

? Despite Sony stating they wanted to be first or at least no a year away from MS system?

Buddy, PS4 i can assure you will be announced in 2013 and probably released then too.

RevXM2269d ago

@ _-EDMIX-_

Lately they have said that the ps4 will release when the technology can perform a significant leap so the experience will be significantly different.
"The right time to talk about new advances in hardware is when you can demonstrate a significant leap on the current experience, and something that is going to be attractive."
- Andrew House

“We've never been first. We've never been cheapest. It's about being the best”
- Jack Tretton -

With the ps3 being a beast and the vita being a beast, also with these two recent quotes as a good indication that Ps4 wont dissapoint anyone in terms of power and features Id say that ps4 will possibly be the last one out but we will have to wait and see.

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TrevorPhillips2270d ago

Could be a next gen game, it'll be sweet to see it on the PS4 and 720 though =]

TheLyonKing2270d ago

If its a solid title is that not ps4/3 exclusive or is it confirmed for both ms and Sony platform?

wwm0nkey2270d ago

No Kojima wants the series to be multi-platform which is why the Fox Engine was being developed as a multi-platform engine in the first place.

Also Sony do not own the copyright to Metal Gear Solid or else there is no way we would have gotten the HD collection on the 360.

TheLyonKing2270d ago

@wwm0nkey thanks for the info, didn't know. At least someone gave an answer instead of just disagree.

LOL_WUT2270d ago

@ TheLyonKing Well, since the guy demoed the game on PC with a 360 controller then you can pretty much assume its coming out for the Xbox also.

DeadlyFire2270d ago

Well Fox engine is multiplatform.

yewles12270d ago

They said it was a PC set to current gen spec.

0pie2270d ago

stupid article... dont even click on the link, dont waste your time.

Batzi2270d ago

Fox Engine in its state now is ready for current gen consoles and that was the aim in the first place.

BitbyDeath2270d ago

Is strange they'd make an entire new engine for just one game considering they'd have to do it all over again for their nextgen one

Batzi2270d ago

ah no. Konami confirmed that they are going to modify the engine for next-gen during the development of the game.

lategamer2270d ago

The engine may be scalable like Frostbite 2. We really don't have much information on the engine.

RedDeadLB2270d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 rings a bell? They built an engine solely for that game and unfortunately abandoned it afterwards.