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Battlefield 3: Armored Kill - First Gameplay

Look what Battlefield 3: Armored Kill looks like, before it releases in September.

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dks20091846d ago
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Detoxx1846d ago

It looks amazing on PC, just watch in 1080P its just eye candy. Next-Gen Battlefield will look even better its hard to imagine, to bad I play on console (PS3) :(

FunAndGun1846d ago

I also only play BF3 on the PS3. While I don't really mind the graphic hit, I do hate how the player count is so low on consoles.

conquest on big maps is actually kinda boring sometimes. I pretty much only stick to Rush.

jjb19811846d ago

I also play on Ps3 but for the age of the machine it looks and plays great, minus the annoying glitches here and there. I can't wait for a next gen battlefield.

DirtyLary1846d ago

Nothing devs can do about it. They've stated that MS/SONY allocated bandwidth for chat, achievements ect, instead of letting them pump up players in online games.

Detoxx1846d ago

Conquest on console is really noob unfriendly (Not saying you are a noob bro no offense), after like 50 hours of playing conquest I knew how to get alot of kills playing conquest on big maps but thats because I'm an Battlefield Veteran

I hope DICE includes a tutorial for new players in BF4. I mean, it's really not fun when a noob gets in a jet, chopper or tank just for transport and gets out of it when he gets to the place he wants to go, that really is frustrating because vehicles really do make a big difference.

Also, I hope they can manage to get at least 32 players on Console with BF4 and a Battlefield Recorder would be awesome to, I've done so many awesome stuff in my 480 hours of play but not even 1 of them is recorded.

Seeya on the field

DeadlyFire1846d ago

Don't worry PS4/Xbox 3/WiiU might actually have up to 64 players this time. That is my hope anyway.

PS4 having x86 possibly means it will definitely have some heft to power. So I can easily see 32+ players. I hope 64. Its hard for me to imagine frostbite 2.5/3.0 with more destruction, debris, and chaos, but I think it will happen.

PixL1846d ago

It's not bandwidth which limits console version in terms of players. It has more to do with memory and processing power. 24 players in such an advanced engine is close to a miracle anyway on 512 MB machines. Next gen consoles will have more RAM and better CPU/GPUs so player count will increase. When BF4 comes out, it'll be time for me to buy PS4. I've never been keen on early adoption but this time I'll make an exception.

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Software_Lover1846d ago

Love the variety in the maps. Glad that I have premium and that I play this game on pc. Looks great. I need to give it a go on my 360.

RaptorGTA1846d ago

As a person who plays both 360 and pc. both offer some great gameplay. Cant wait for these maps.

Trunkz Jr1846d ago

Bandar City map reminds me of El Alamein, this looks awesome for vehicle warfare :D

Jovahkiin1846d ago

This is why people gave out about the content-drop.

It's about as exclusive as tap-water.

Hasanhastam1846d ago

next gen console should runs more than 64 player online to be next gen

krazykombatant1846d ago

lol why? 24 players is the norm for most fps games. Only reason PC runs 64 players is because PC is "next-gen" console wise current gen it can run 64 players.

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