Exclusive: 27 New FFXIII and Versus Famitsu PS3 Scans

BlankChocobo has scanned in her copy of Famitsu PS3 which contains 27 pages on Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. In case you're confused, the previous Famitsu scans were from Famitsu Weekly and these ones are from Famitsu's Playstation 3 specific magazine.

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zambrota3703d ago

no fanboyism here but if ff13 is launched this year worldwide it will kill everything out there.

FF is just too massive a game

gamesblow3703d ago

Gotta love that gameplay...

gunnerforlife3703d ago

wat game play thats only scans

Relcom3703d ago

as usual.

I don't know about anyone else but i'm ready for some gameplay vids....

sonarus3703d ago

last yr they were saying they were only about 5% complete or something because of some initial complications with ps3 hardware but with the influx of new info on the game and the game being less silent i really do believe at least one of them can comeout this yr.

Daver3703d ago

Last year they said they were at 20 something %.... And versus was like around 3% complete

sonarus3703d ago

yea it looks like they have gotten their rythm going though since the title is no longer as under wraps as it was. The 2008 hasnt been ruled out yet either so it is a possibility. A lot can be done in a full yr. If final fantasy hits this yr sony will come out on top cus final fantasy is the game to take ps3 past wii sales in japan. And hopefully there will be other games available to sustain this

JVIDICAN3702d ago

they said 13 was 13% and vesus was 1.3% notice anything? ...13....13%...1.3%... im guessing they were way further into devolpment just released fake numbers to quiet things down for a while =P

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Iamback3703d ago

This is driving me nuts! When are they going to give us a damn short 1 minute trailer!?! Thats all i ask .....for now

name3703d ago

I predict an 09 release for Final Fantasy alongside the likes of God of war, twisted metal ps3 most likely, syphon filter ps3, the rockstar ps3 exclusive and things of that nature.

Maldread3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Yeah i think so too. With all the great games coming out for the PS3 this year anyway, it`s ok to have something for next year also isn`t it ;)

Can`t wait for some in-game videos of either one of the FF13 games, i want more :)

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The story is too old to be commented.