Daily Reaction: Should PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Include More Classic Characters?

The roster for the highly anticipated brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has been of much debate since its announcement earlier this year. As characters that were once thought to be impossible to show up in a brawler (ie…Toro & Fat Princess), to almost forgotten characters like Spike from Ape Escape, and even the newly announced Evil version of Cole McGrath and Raiden, it’s impossible to tell who will show up next. With that Sebastian and Dan from PlayStation LifeStyle, set out to write Santa to beg and plead for some more of our favorites to show up.

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doctorstrange1847d ago

Batman and zombies. A combination every game should have.

-Mika-1847d ago

No, It a new generation.

Foolsjoker1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Really? All the rehashes over the years seem to disagree. :-P

doctorstrange1847d ago

Daddy, what does new mean?

user54670071847d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

They could of though thats the thing

Old Dante or Snake/Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2

Cloud should be in this or maybe Squall instead of Lightning which is looking likely

Crash and Spryo should be included...if they arn't in it Superbot should just come out and say it now because people will get ticked off they've let people get hyped up for nothing.

The PS1 Rayman would be a nice touch along with Croc and Tombi

Lara Croft would also be a nice edition although they'll probably use the reboot Lara Croft not the PS1s Lara.

Sir Daniel Fortesque will probably make it into the game

Hopefully Gabe Logan from Syphon Filter will make an appearence aswell.

Theres so much potential for this game, it's a game thats been in the making in gamers minds since the PS2 days.

They should of announced all the good characters at E3 with an epic E3 trailer, with them all battling it out and then release more characters from this gen down the the ones people know are coming but don't know which ones will make it. I mean when they came onto the stage, showed a demo off it with hardly nothing new just two new characters we saw leaked 2 weeks before I was gutted

colonel1791846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

So many awesome characters you listed there, yet they waste the slots with 2 coles, big daddy and 2 tekken characters.

Big Daddy, Evil Cole, and the Tekken Characters should have been DLC. I said it before, that they are leaving the good characters as DLC to milk the game as much as possible.

Edit: On the article: What a $hittY list they gave. Almost all characters from this generation, yet the article is titled "Should PSASBR include more CLASSIC characters?". MikeCosgrove suggestions are much better since most of them are truly iconic and classic PS characters.

Foolsjoker1846d ago

Yup all the discussion on Onimusha, brave fencer musashi, syphon filter, crash, spyro, etc....nope nothing classic playstation here. My guess is either u didn't bother reading the article, or failed to grasp the word classic.

Darth Stewie1846d ago

Their is only 1 Tekken character Heihachi and Tekken of all fighters is associated with Playstation the most because it was exclusive up into this gen so Tekken does deserve to have a character on the roster as it has a long history with Playstation.

Big Daddy you could make a case for because though Bioshock is on the Playstation the franchise is associated more with Xbox just because it came on the Xbox first. He most likely is included because Sony has a marketing deal for Bioshock Infinite like they have for AC3 and Xbox has for RE6 and COD.

Evil Cole to some can be seen as a waste as Cole already is in the game but he looks to play different enough from good Cole that to me it seems alright because at least he is not a clone like most fighters do.

Darth Stewie1846d ago

Dante is not up to Sony if he is the new or classic and besides maybe old Dante is an alternate costume while new Dante is just the default.

As for Raiden being the MGSR version well he doesn't look to different from the MGS4 version(which could also be an alternate costume) and I rather have this version of Raiden than the lame MGS2 Raiden.

Characters like Croc, Rayman, Lara, Cloud, Crash, and Spyro are all not owned by Sony so they have know control over them even if they all played an important role in the history of Playstation. Besides their is still a chance atleast for Crash and Cloud to make it in.

Sir Dan has been confirmed by Superbot who said the leak was 100% legit but they have more characters that was not leaked.
Gabe Logan will probably be saved for the next installment since there are to many characters with guns and if Snake is in the game they would be to similar.

Finally it would be stupid to reveal the entire roster at once because it would ruin the chance of hyping the game and all the buzz it is getting from speculation

NastyLeftHook01846d ago

i would love to see the maiden in black in this game.

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