Remember That Game? -Far Cry 2

Morgan Park of Welcome to Remember That Game, where I talk about games from years past that might have been overlooked and talk about how they hold up to today’s standards, or whether or not you should play them now. This week I took an all-expense-paid trip to back to Africa to drive some Jeeps and take Malaria pills in Farcry 2.

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AmigoSniped2091d ago

I still enjoying playing it, it wasn't perfect but had its moments.

Bathyj2091d ago

I loved the fire.

My favourite weapon was the flaregun. I would shoot a flare so the fire would burn towards the camp and then while everyone was freaking out, flank them and start picking them off.

This game had its problems, but not enough games let you play in different styles like this did, and use a bit of strategy.

Have high hopes for FC3.

AO1JMM2091d ago

Good game except for the malaria and the respawning thugs.

Nocturne1472091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

+ Outposts and repetitive gameplay.

thebudgetgamer2091d ago

I remember fixing a flaming car with a wrench.

DeusExer2091d ago

I love setting fires outside guard posts and watching them run through encampments.

Or sneaking into camps and planting IEDs on enemy vehicles.

Had some dodgy AI, but overall was an enjoyable game.

Hasanhastam2091d ago

Not bad game but missions(main and side) was awful and also outpost.Visuals or gameplay was ok

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