Playstation All-Stars: Is This The Game You Wanted?

On paper, Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale sounds like a fan’s dream come true. For years now people have wondered what it would be like if Sony or Microsoft were to make a Smash Bros. game featuring their own exclusive mascots. During E3 2012, a Microsoft rep flat out said the company had no interest in the idea. Sony meanwhile, is going full steam ahead with Allstars. But now that we know more about the game, is this the game fans were really clamoring for?

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capjacksparrow2027d ago

Yes, actually. I've played the beta and think everyone needs to give it a chance and not judge it immediately. It is actually a ton of friggin fun.

SonyNGP2027d ago

Can't say I'm impressed with what I've seen so far, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and give the beta a shot (if I get invited).

smashcrashbash2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Yes it look like it shaping up really well. A whole bunch of stages, a good mix of old and new characters, impressive attacks, plenty of unlockables plus the potential for new characters in DLC. Ignoring all the petty crying it should be a blast to play. STILL can't get an invite though. I think people are expecting too much for their first game.

They want Superbot to stuff everything in the first game and leave nothing for the next one. They want fifty stages and page long list of characters from every developer in existence and get rowdy if they don't.Like the people who attacked them for having no unlockables and I found out today watching the Raiden video that there are plenty of them for each character. That is twenty plus worth of character unlocks and no one wants to wait until they hear the full roster or the full story or the see the full game .They attack everything and look stupid when it is not true or explained properly. I personally hope all my might the they include Crash in the game. Not just because he would be a great addition but to show people how wrong they were.

SandWitch2026d ago

Looking good so far. Not a day one purchase for me, but will definitely pick it up later with a good deal.

nevin12026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Since I never played the game, I can only judge the roster/character list. I think trying to get 3rd party to play along is holding this game claim as being a "Fan Service" back.

No way Raiden should be in before snake. new Dante over PS2 Dante? If Lara Croft was added to the game, it will probally be the model for her new game.

This game should of been made during the PS2 days.

Tonester9252026d ago

I'm sure they will have their old costumes.

Can you wait until the game releases first?

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