InfoSync Review: Toshiba Satellite A205 HD DVD Laptop

InfoSync writes:

"We take a look at one of Toshiba's 15.4-inch HD DVD laptops and see how it holds up to other mainstream HD laptops. Is it time to buy a bargain HD DVD machine?"

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sonarus3788d ago

i remember when toshiba announced hd-dvd drives were going in their laptops and hd-dvd supporters saw that as their key to victory. lol next it was walmart releasing some ultra low hd-dvd drive. slowly they have been falling lower and lower they will have to reach the bottom somewhere

wageslave3788d ago

As has been announced, actual stand-alone HD DVD players have outsold BR players (by excluding PS3s).

But, I wonder what number of HD DVD equiped PCs have also shipped?

Has anyone seen such data?

mikeslemonade3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Since the warner annoucement standalone blu-ray players have been outselling stand-alone hd-dvd players.

This is too little too late for the HD-DVD group.

3788d ago
DJ3788d ago

And the movie format's dead. Definitely a paperweight.

shysun3788d ago

Next up we'll review the Beta max player! :(

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