FlatOut Ultimate Carnage Announced for PC

Empire Interactive has announced that the PC version of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage developed by Bugbear Entertainment is being prepared for a June 2008 worldwide release. PC gamers can have a "deathproof" experience with Carnage gameplay modes and enhanced graphics that rival the Xbox 360 version. Multiplayer online provides wheel-to-wheel action as opponents try to fishtail other cars and get across the finish line in a "no holds barred" extreme driving smash fest.

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Charmers3818d ago

I really wish Bugbear would take a hint, we are not really interested in a recycled racer over and over again. This game will get massively low sales and everyone will scream "Piracy". When in reality it is just a case of most PC gamers not being interested in this rubbish (I didn't even buy OR pirate the last one), those that are interested will have already bought it for the 360.

TheIneffableBob3817d ago

Wait, so they're porting both the 360 game Ultimate Carnage and the PSP game Head On to the PC?

I won't be surprised if they have low sales.