Animal Crossing For 3DS Crosses The Pond To North America In 2013

The game will be released in the first half of 2013.

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Picture_Dancer1933d ago

Looks almost as good as PSX games.

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AWBrawler1933d ago

What the hell PSX were you plying? everything was still polygonal and blocky looking during that gen. I swear some of the crap people say to try to bash 3DS and Wii is just stupid

Picture_Dancer1932d ago

Simple example: Crash 3. In terms of graphics 10 times better than this game for 3DS

AWBrawler1932d ago

How the hell? Look at these comparisons. because you're just trolling now.

just for laughs i even added in the DS game Wild world. how does that look better?

Lighter91933d ago

I wish Sony would make an Animal Crossing killer instead of their own take on Smash Bros. Sony could do all kinds of awesome things with their own take on Animal Crossing.

AWBrawler1933d ago

Sigh...... can't get one dang article without a Sony mention, or how said game could be better if they did it, can we?