The Perfect PlayStation Store

Having one central place where gamers go to download content is still a relatively young concept on consoles.

Xbox Live Marketplace started it all and, having been around since 2005, has had plenty of time to mature. It's well organised, intuitive and has a wide range of content. And MS' major Dashboard update improved the system even further.

Sony's PlayStation Store has some catching up to do.

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Rice3820d ago

The PS Store needs a major makeover, and i find it pretty slow... But for a free service its prettty good...

sonarus3820d ago

yea the upgrades for the store are needed but i could care less. what i would like to see more of is home. walk into a virtul store 2 get psn titles like star dust and pain go into diff squares promoted by game companies e.g. epic square go there watch videos hear d latest frm epic and dwnload their newest demo. all this should also be available on the store but home could get it 1st or sumthin. jst adds a little bit more mix and makes things more interesting doing it frm home. the fact that home is free ensures everyone will at least check it out. sony jst needs to keep ppl coming into home

Winter47th3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

I get the feeling we'll see a major PS Store overhaul as soon as HOME arrives.

smokeandapancake3819d ago

Xbox live marketplace is free also. The only thing you pay for is the ability to play with others. PS store is good it just needs a more streamlined organization. It's a little hard to find things.

BlackCountryBob3820d ago

I have said it before and I will say it again, Sony need to implement the store to be like the XMB prototype that was produced by a fan last year, pony up the cash and give the guy some recognition for a fabulous idea because it does often take far to long to find and select content, never mind to try and read any accompanying data details.

Come on Sony, you are meant to pride yourself of design, and the standby downloading doesn't sound half bad either!

shine13963820d ago

you got a link, sounds really cool.

BlackCountryBob3820d ago

Here you go, linky goodness (couldn't edit to add to my previous post)

EastCoastSB3820d ago

Wow that would be awesome. I hate having to scroll everywhere, it's a pain in the ass, but the XMB idea looks fantastic.

Hapimeses3820d ago

Yuppers, eveything suggested there seems sensible to me. The PS Store, while functional, is a little cumbersome and a little, well, last gen, as far as the net is concerned -- it is basically just a website, after all. Perhaps a change will come with Home? I's rather one came a little sooner, however.

Rice3820d ago

I think sony is gonna renovate the store once home comes out, it makes sense.

Winter47th3820d ago

Exactly what i had in mind.

mighty_douche3820d ago

PSN is damn ugly, but it does the job.

Baba19063820d ago

yeah, it does what it has to do. any there will be updates in the future so im pretty confident about the bright future of th psn.

kingOVsticks3820d ago

it really needs a makeover or sumthin its ugly boring and it really starting to piss me off when I dload trailers or a demo and I push l1 for back but it doesn't work so I have to online the finger perfectly to go 2 the previous page. those are just nit picks im sure it will change when home surfaces.

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The story is too old to be commented.