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Submitted by TheMrFraz 1186d ago | opinion piece

Why I’ll Never Subscribe to PlayStation Plus It's no secret that PlayStation Plus is one of the best deals in the entire gaming industry. With free games, beta invites, and discounted downloads, what could be better? And yet, editor Luke Frazier wants nothing to do with it. Ever. And you'll have to read on to find out why. (PS3, Tag Invalid)

Emilio_Estevez  +   1187d ago
Basically b/c it will add to backlog. Your not a real gamer if your backlog isn't filled, terrible reason.
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MrBeatdown  +   1187d ago
Seems to me it was more because he couldn't use it to it's fullest.

But that's a strange, and somewhat unrealistic way to approach any subscription. I could go days without using my internet, or watching TV. Xbox Live Gold subscribers don't take advantage of their subscription every waking moment. A little "waste" comes with every subscription.

You can't look at it in terms of what you're not using/getting/taking advantage of. You have to look at it in terms of your own usage and what you do get out of it when you can, and decide if it's worth it based on that.

Nobody goes to an all you can eat buffet expecting to pack in that whole tray of chicken wings. You have to base your decision as to whether it's worth the cost on what you can and want to eat.
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Mustang300C2012  +   1186d ago
Actually some of us do take advantage of Live for more than just gaming. Same thing with PSN. I turned off Directv so the shows I care to watch and movies I want to watch are available on Live through the Video marketplace,Hulu and Netflix. So our 360s get used in 5 different rooms for everything.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1186d ago
@ MrBeatdown

"Seems to me it was more because he couldn't use it to it's fullest."

So what you are saying is that he needs to spend even more money in order to use a $50 service to it's fullest? IN order to capitalize on the "savings" you need to spend money. But what if the "savings" are associated to games that you have either played already or have no interest in?

I just don't get that mentality.

People complain about XBL but at least the features that come with XBL is associated to every game on the market ie. Party and private chat. In order to "fully" utilize PS+ you have to spend more money then the initial $50 to own PS+ which yes do offer free long as you maintain paying the $50 subscription fee a year....
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MrBeatdown  +   1186d ago
What is with the overly sensitive Xbox guys?


Read what I wrote. I never said you only take advantage of it for just gaming. I said you don't take advantage of it "every waking moment" of the day. You aren't on Xbox Live all freaking day. At least, I hope you aren't. You do turn your Xbox off now and then, don't you?


"So what you are saying is that he needs to spend even more money in order to use a $50 service to it's fullest?"

Reading comprehension... try reading again. You missed the ENTIRE point. I didn't say he had to spend more money to get his money's worth. You just pulled that out of your ass. I didn't even mention single feature of PS+.

My entire comment was about the amount of time he can use the subscription. Like with ANY subscription, or, you know, anything you can buy for the purpose of entertainment, ever, you have to judge it by how much value you can get out of it. If he wants to play the games he bought first, then get to his PS+ games after, but he doesn't have time to get around to both, the subscription is not for him. His situation means he can't take advantage of it. Hell, if he wants to buy a big red ball and play with it in the front yard, but he wants to play his games first and therefor doesn't have time to play with it, he shouldn't be buying the damn ball either.

Go play XBL vs. PS+ elsewhere.
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Morgue  +   1186d ago
I turned on my 360 today and saw some adds for some new Justin Beiber song and the Republican National Convention. Way to go MS, I see where your money is...

Turns on PS3. Games, movies and NO POLITICS.
3-4-5  +   1186d ago
While I can't agree with the " if you don't have a backlog you aren't a gamer " comment fully,

I will say it is a poor excuse for not buying something.

I love having a game or 2 that I've yet to get into. I usually find those games used a few years after release. Buy em up for 10-30$ and wait til I finish one and go for the next.

It lets me game in between the "big " games that are released usually in Nov. or around March.
antbolton89  +   1187d ago
what a ridiculous article
TheMrFraz  +   1187d ago
Even I, the author, agree with this.
Squall5005  +   1186d ago
You're brave to post this on N4G. Most people won't get past reading the headline and will post silly comments like 'antbolton89'.

I thought it was an interesting read and not ridiculous at all.

Playstation Plus isn't for everyone and luckily it's optional. I've been a member from the start and have no regrets. But I too haven't played half of the free games I've been given and have a massive library of Steam games to plow through(Thanks to the Summer Sale). I just don't have the time to play them.
TronEOL  +   1186d ago
More games are always welcome for me. I wasn't completely sold on most of the games I played until I got to fully play them. Now some of my favorite games are games I got for free from plus.

It may suck having a massive backlog, but most gamers WISH they had more games to play. In fact, my cousin, and a few friends who only own Xbox360's are dreading this summer drought. Me? I'm doing incredibly well, and I'd safely say I didn't even have to pay for at least 40% of my current backlog.

Playstation Plus is an amazing deal for gamers. That's why Sony made the service. Not to nickel and dime you for basic features.
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NIRVANArazor  +   1186d ago
Okay enough with the Opinion pieces and blogs. I want god damn News!
MrBeatdown  +   1186d ago
If the whole "not clicking on obvious opinion pieces" thing doesn't work for you, there's always this...


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NIRVANArazor   1186d ago | Personal attack | show
Perjoss  +   1186d ago


HammadTheBeast  +   1186d ago
Dafuq just happened?
raWfodog  +   1186d ago
I thought that was well played, MrBeatdown :)
brish  +   1186d ago

"... I don't come on this damn site to see people whine and complain constantly. But that all this crap site is anymore. ... "

Your complaint is noted!
Rebo00  +   1186d ago
Be better at games and play them quicker? I've played and completed (not Platinum trophied) all the games we get on PSPlus for free and I still have time for other releases.
andrewsqual   1186d ago | Bad language | show
Toman85  +   1186d ago
Troll article I must say

Then someone can make: Why I never play on my Xbox 360 again. All the games there are just Kinect XBLA, but no heavyhitters for like 2 years

Thats the same as this article, troll fail.
But I see a troll article against Sony everyday, but why not MS???
abzdine  +   1186d ago
...cause the best is always teased i must admit.
Sony fans are busy playing on their machines while 360 owners are bored cause nothing is happenind on their boxes and their only occupation is to "try" to pollute the net with their pointless articles and opinions.

I'm glad Halo is coming it'll give us 2 weeks of rest from those mad fanboys.
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Ben_Grimm  +   1186d ago
But yet Sony faboys are here constantly complaining about the Media Bias?

Seems they're not really playing their games after all.
hkgamer  +   1186d ago
I understand what you are saying, but no need to talk about the 360 here.
Belking  +   1186d ago
"But I see a troll article against Sony everyday, but why not MS???"

Technically, there is no need when you just did. Would that make you happier if the article was about never subscribing to xbox live? If you enjoy pLus, then good for you, if not, its really not that big of a deal. Some of you really take this gaming thing way too serious.

Now bring on the disagrees.
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typikal82  +   1186d ago
Why not Zoidberg?
Euthanasia78  +   1186d ago
Wow, it would be impossible for me to disagree with this article more. Where are the quality standards here? This article is poorly written and pure opinion. Stockholm syndrome? He is comparing Netflix to a victim caring for its abuser? Netflix abused you? I think PS+ is a great value, and as a gamer, I couldn't imagine going without it. This is a troll article. Simply put, a terribly written piece of garbage. It's his opinion, but a lame opinion at that. His facts to backup his opinion has more holes than swiss cheese. Another great read on N4G. Cough Cough Sarcasm
fei-hung  +   1186d ago
Why I just disliked the website and WTF'd the article.

There are opinion pieces and there are pieces of crap. Sometimes they walk a fine line and during instances like these, they cross right over.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1186d ago
Nothing wrong with a backlog. It's not a race. It's entertainment.
cleft5  +   1186d ago
Yeah man, fuck PS+ and all those free AA and AAA games man. No way I want to play any of those titles.
Shikoro  +   1186d ago
It seems that people's sarcasm detector is broken.
abzdine  +   1186d ago
because you are stupid, that's why.
CPTN MITCHELL  +   1186d ago
Dude who cares about your opinion cause I dont!!! Too busy enjoying ps+
Mustang300C2012  +   1186d ago
Yet here you are posting a comment about an opinion piece. So this article took you away from PS+ to post a comment? You needed to come justify why you use PS+ on this one website about this opinion piece?
Mustang300C2012  +   1186d ago
Yet here you are posting a comment about an opinion piece. So this article took you away from PS+ to post a comment? You needed to come justify why you use PS+ on this one website about this opinion piece? Amazing how sensitive some of you are.
Axonometri  +   1186d ago
So in other words, if we gave him $2,000 for his $10 bill, he wouldn't take it because he might not be able to use it all down to the penny exactly as he wants.
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Axonometri  +   1186d ago
Argh! It double posted me.
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CRASHBASHUK  +   1186d ago
u are missing out on great deals tbh it be smart to spend £40 on ps+ then XBL which just gives you access to online gaming
and they giving away FREE FULL blu-ray download edition games u dont get that from XBL £40
nik666uk  +   1186d ago
I wasn't at all tempted to read on as I knew it was a crank article instantly!!
Getowned  +   1186d ago
Well, that was a waste of time to read.. I hope to get PSN+ next month :P, PSN+ seems great and would save my wallet with free games.
Flatbattery  +   1186d ago
Interesting article, but with that kind of opinion on a subscription service why would you ever subscribe to any service.

Take cable/satellite for example, they are way more expensive to subscribe to than Netflix or PS+, at least here in the UK. But I've never heard a single person ever complain in this way. Makes no sense whatsoever.
Hicken  +   1186d ago
Isn't this what they call a "first-world problem?"

"I can't play all my games! I don't want Plus!"

Man, I've still got easily a dozen PS2 games I'v yet to finish. And yeah, it kinda sucks, because I haven't fully experienced them. But I'd rather be behind than not have the games at all.

What's wrong with this generation of gamers, man?
SavageFlamingo  +   1186d ago
Pointless article.
homer  +   1186d ago
I understand his point and his logic is also what keeps me from playing mmorpgs. The sweet thing about plus for me though, is that it allows me to not only experience smaller titles I never would have given a second glance, it also introduces me to franchises that for some reason or another, I skipped or didn't notice. I never gave a rip about Saints Row or Warhammer til I played them. I also like how they are releasing the earlier games in franchises to promote a sequel. because of this, I finally get to try Borderlands and hopefully soon, Dead Space 2 and Darksiders like those Europeans and maybe if I'm lucky, Sony will get me AC 1 or AC 2 before AC 3.
madjedi  +   1186d ago
Well after waiting forever i finally got ps+, a 3 month subscription and i already downloaded more than $19 worth of games with other i just haven't got around to dling them. It has already paid for it's cost and the rest is gravy.

$50 a yr for the privilege, to access online games/other features or $50 a yr to download new games that are already paid for. Damn that is a tough choice.

If live had this feature, then i could see it being worth $50. Why is it sony came with this feature first, when ms had a whole generation online, head start on them.

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