Review: Deadlight [Press2Reset]

Aaron Carlisle is certain that there's something lurking in the shadows. Or maybe he's just been playing too much Deadlight.

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acidbrn1847d ago

Fun game that I thoroughly enjoyed. A little rough around the edges, but regardless of those it was a fun first outting. Hope Tequila Works continue on with the franchise, I see a lot of potential with this series.

If they fix the controls in the game, and add a bit too the over all length of the story this could be a huge new IP. One that XBLA could really use.

philpee21847d ago

I really liked the idea of the game, but it had severe control issues.

Sharodan1847d ago

The aesthetics look well-suited to the type of game, so maybe it's something I'll look into further down the line.

acidbrn1847d ago

That was one of the things I enjoyed the most about the game was the look and atmosphere of the world.