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Why I Hope EA Sells Out

"According to The New York Post, EA has been ‘quietly exploring’ their options with regards to a sale. Taken with mixed results by the media, here’s my two cents on the matter: If EA ends up selling, it would be amazingly beneficial to the company, the developers under its wing, and the consumers that buy from it." (BioWare, Dragon Age 2, EA, Industry, Mass Effect 3)

NYC_Gamer  +   701d ago
I really don't care about EA anymore since that company has ruined so many of my favorite franchises
AmayaAi  +   700d ago
Couldn't have agreed more.
kefkah  +   700d ago
Something needs to be done over there because they certainly have lost their way.
Arkamedis  +   700d ago
Disgusting Company
ApolloTheBoss  +   700d ago
Really hope they crash and burn.
PopRocks359  +   700d ago
I don't think that's necessary. Just because EA's lawyers and CEOs are dicks doesn't mean a lot of otherwise indifferent people should have to lose their jobs.
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chasegarcia  +   700d ago
EA have been pumping out crappy games for years now, but I still think they can turn it around if they take their heads off their butt.
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josephayal  +   700d ago
i love ea games
EA is the best video game company in the World. example, HIGH CALIBER GAMES like alone in the dark,americans mcgee alice,boogie superstart, burnout, catwomen, criket, f1, golden nugget,harry potter, janes bond, madden, moh and of course tiger woods and many more
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Moby-Royale  +   700d ago
Yes. I too am a huge fan of the Jane Bond games.

Obvious troll is.....
Zhipp  +   700d ago
Truth be told, I've always preferred Jane Bond to James Bond.
aiBreeze  +   700d ago
James Pond > James bond games FACT!
DevilishSix  +   700d ago
Just think if Microsoft wanted to shell out some of their cash they could acquire both Activision and EA with all their properties. Thing is unfortunately the gaming industry has pecked a few years ago and has been downsizing ever since. So why would anyone buy at this point until rock bottom, if at all?
ZeroX9876  +   700d ago
with the economy not doing well lately and looking at another possible recession, big publishers are taking a huge hit from it. many IP will probably just disapear and we'll never heard of them anymore. Studios closure is certainly a possibility, just sell the assets and lay off a bunch of dev.

with all the studios closure lately, the lower staff of studios are all getting lay off, except the upper and more important ones. Maybe we'll get fewer games, but of better quality.
FarCryLover182  +   700d ago
Didn't they already "sell out?" Hah hahaha ha
DeadlyFire  +   700d ago
EA and Activision/Blizzard both are for sale. They need a new big invester as ViVendi wants to back away from Activision/Blizzard. I don't know who is backing away from EA, but looks like its time to buy up stock for someone.
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BXbomber  +   700d ago
Its amazing how there the whole "ea suck,hope they go down" hate bandwagon going on. So ok let me get this straight they are horrible cuz wat they charge for dlc, they release expansions of a game through out the year to keep the game freash and alive, they ruined ya favorite franchises?? How did they ruin dead space, bf 3, and other ea games? If anything i see this company pumpin out more innovative games then activision and microsoft and how is it they getting hate?Seriously all ya get off the hage bandwagon it doesnt make ya look cool sayin "oh yea ea suck i hate them, yea i hope they burn out haha" uhh no ya look like sheeps following wat one guy says bout ea seriously grow up.
bothebo  +   700d ago
EA sucks because they have been getting lazier and lazier over the years. My particular beef with EA is FIFA 12. I'm sorry but FIFA 12 was the biggest scripted piece of crap that I have ever played. EA with the resources it has, can probably make FIFA 12 unscripted. They also added some new features which were just crap. To be honest, they ruined FIFA for me with that one game because they messed up the AI so badly.
aiBreeze  +   700d ago
Well hate is a strong word but apart from Fifa and possibly Battlefield if they pull their fingers out and release a true successor to BF2, I won't be buying anymore EA games.

While some people are certainly jumping on the hate bandwagon, many of us have had series we come to love ruined or games we were hyped for being a huge disappointment. The guy above being a great example seeing how Fifa 12 was a horrible step back and a broken mess half the time.

Tbh, there is nothing wrong with DLC when it's done right, EA are just looking for every possible way to milk their fans though. Look at the class unlocks for Battlefield being prime examples. On fifa 13 you can now buy boosts for your virtual pros. I'm sure there is many more examples of poor handling of DLC but those come immediately to mind.

Also to quote their CEO "When you are six hours into playing Battlefield and you run out of ammo in your clip, and we ask you for a dollar to reload, you're really not very price sensitive at that point in time...We're not gouging, but we're charging."

It's fairly easy to hate on a company when their CEO comes out with stuff like that imho.
Sithlord-Gamble  +   700d ago
I agree. I thought the same exact thing BX.

How can you WANT/HOPE a company FAILS?
Bc you dont like some of their decisions as a business to stay competitive with the rest of industry?

I dont like some of the things thats happended, or that EA has done, but i certainly wouldnt wish for a company to fail. Thats just ignorant.

You all seem to forget all the GOOD things EA has done for the industry.

NO company is perfect. I dare you to name one. You cant.

EA pisses you off, write them a letter. Post on a forum. Or even easier... dont buy their product! Theres lots of games theyve published i didnt like. I didnt b**** and complain. I spoke with my wallet.

If you know something is gonna be the same old, same old and you buy it anyways, then shame on you. Not the company.

Wanting someone to purposely fail is childish and hateful.
Unlimax  +   700d ago
With Activi$ion as well .. Those companys really need to take a listen from the gaming industry on how to make Integrated industry and clean .. like Bobby kotick , This person should join this sell out Circle for a lesson !

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MYSTERIO360  +   700d ago
Its true that EA have ruined themselves over the years but im more worried about who would buy them. Any wealthy company like Activition could buy them and cann any of their franchises to focus on a few in particular.

EA's problem for some time now have been that they rush game development and release content with DLC. Fans anger towards EA's approach to games wouldn't matter anymore if EA get bought and get stripped of its well known titles.
apple will buy them.
IaMs12  +   700d ago
Im afraid of things like that...Apple will just do the same thing, if not probably make things worse. Look at the iphones, same freaking phone just a few new features added on for couple of hundred more dollars. It was great in the beginning.
Sithlord-Gamble  +   700d ago
But you dont see people complain about that tho do u!?

No, they happily spend $500/$600 on an under-spec'd phone, but want to set flames to the world over a $60 video game.

Something is wrong with that picture.
Genmu  +   699d ago
who need that trash when u have phone like samsung galaxy
Genmu  +   699d ago
where is al kaida or whatever its called when u need them ?
just rush a plane in dat building
aliengmr  +   699d ago
Bad form sir, bad form.
aliengmr  +   699d ago
I have little love for EA, but I am not sure that if they were sold they would end up getting better. More likely the bad "decision makers" would be replaced different yet equally bad (or worse) "decision makers".

I also don't that anyone would be better off if they ceased to exist. A lot of good IPs could go with them. Not just the ones that they are currently publishing but others that they own the rights to as well. They could sell the rights, sure, but that would still cause issues IMO.

EA's problem IMO, is they lack innovation. They try to replicate the success of others and then try to charge as much as possible. They really don't try to lead in the industry.
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DevilishSix  +   699d ago
Love them hate em, I purchased KOA:Reckoning and SSX earlier this year and plan to get Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3. I will support the franchises I like, whether I agree with the publishers practices or not.

The alternative is not to support them then the franchises I enjoy get closed down.

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