Why I Hope EA Sells Out

"According to The New York Post, EA has been ‘quietly exploring’ their options with regards to a sale. Taken with mixed results by the media, here’s my two cents on the matter: If EA ends up selling, it would be amazingly beneficial to the company, the developers under its wing, and the consumers that buy from it."

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NYC_Gamer1911d ago

I really don't care about EA anymore since that company has ruined so many of my favorite franchises

AmayaAi1911d ago

Couldn't have agreed more.

kefkah1910d ago

Something needs to be done over there because they certainly have lost their way.

ApolloTheBoss1910d ago

Really hope they crash and burn.

PopRocks3591910d ago

I don't think that's necessary. Just because EA's lawyers and CEOs are dicks doesn't mean a lot of otherwise indifferent people should have to lose their jobs.

1910d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.