Why Are Handhelds Becoming so Locked Down? - Okay, I have to rant a little. We’ve just found out that Sony’s recent Vita update – firmware 1.80 – contains a little secret that has not been advertised: Memory cards will now be locked to a specific PSN ID so switching between multiple accounts is no longer an option. Up until this point it was possible to back up your data to a PS3 and restore the system, before signing in with a different account.

What kind of move is this? (Answer: a dick move). For a start, we should have been able to use multiple accounts from the start – every other system I own allows multiple sign-ins, and content purchased on one account can be used by the others. As someone who moved from the US to the UK this is quite important – I need a UK account to buy things (without the hassle of purchasing foreign point cards online), but need access to my US account because of all the stuff I already own.

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Silver-Hawk2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

How dare Sony trying to make money by cutting down on people sharing games. On other handhelds and non Sony systems people are able to share digital content and games with multiple people for free. People should just not allow Sony to do madness and buy other systems where you can share games constantly between handhelds and consoles

They took away "other os" to cut down on piracy and hacking so I couldn't use linux on my ps3 to surf the internet real slow. They got rid of backwards compatibility for ps2 in order to cut cost while most would rather pay more money for the console.

MasonicGamer2065d ago

"They got rid of backwards compatibility for ps2 in order to cut cost while most would rather pay more money for the console."
Or to make more money reselling us the games that us sony fans already own by reselling them on PSN and HD remakes?

Got no problem with them stopping Piracy, But stopping ppl from using there US accounts on a Uk PSV and vice versa is where I have a problem. And yes I own a PSV, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, wii, 3ds so no I'm not a fanboy

-Mika-2065d ago

Agree 100% The Vita is being sold at a loss. The memory cards is basically the only way for Sony to make money off of it. Now to solve this memory issue. Just buy another Memory card. That is all. An 4 or 8 gig card should honestly be enough. You don't need to have your entire library of games on your vita. Just put a few games you know you're going to play on the system and then the rest on your PS3 hard-drive. Now when you're ready to play one of the ps1/psp games that on your PS3 drive. Delete the game you're not going to play anytime soon and then use content manager to transfer that new game to your Vita. What is so difficult about that.

You should be thankful Sony made this a region free device. They could of just pulled a Nintendo and made you buy a new system for each region. You know I think sony needs to be just like Nintendo and just give you a cheap to build handheld and just profit off of every device it sells. It clear that you guys don't want to pay for a premium device.

pinwheelherman2065d ago

I'm sorry, but I've bought every Sony device on day one, at least since the PS2 launched in late 2000. I've never pirated a game, and purchased plenty of content from the PSN store. I understand that there are people out there who steal and copy software, but taking a step like this only sets things back.

We're at a glorious age right now, where international borders are being broken (at least in the online space), and hardware manufacturers are trying to fight it. I don't think that Sony should make the Vita open source and free for anyone to use and abuse, but this move feels like a slap in the face to gamers who just want to embrace the system to its fullest.

GenericNameHere2065d ago

All there is in your comments is one whole trolling.
First off, so what if gamesharing is cut down from 5 to 2? You're going to be taking sales away from developers if you share a DL game/DLC with 4 other people. At least you can still share it with another friend, rather not being able to share it altogether. And people should buy other consoles because they let you share games? I'm not exactly 100% sure as I couldn't find up-to-date info, but to transfer your XBLA games and DLC, the Xbox with ur main profile has to be signed in to Live. Since Live costs $60, you could have just spent that money to buy a PSN card and give it to ur friend/family so they can have the same game/DLC. Also, you have to put ur Xbox HDD onto the 2nd Xbox, and download it from there. Even then, you can only share it with 1 person. As for Nintendo, their service sucks. The Wii account is tied to one console. The only way to share games with two consoles is if those games are saved by SD Card, or calling Nintendo Support, and even then it's not guaranteed. The 3DS? Can't be on two consoles. Once transferred, the old 3DS loses its downloads.

Sony allows you to play PS1 games on PS3, PSP, and Vita. Nintendo allows you to play E-Shop games on both 3DS and DS Lite/XL, but the rest is all messed up. There's no games in all Wii, 3DS, and DS that you can play on all systems. So, who's doing the madness now?

Ult iMate2065d ago

>>How dare Sony trying to make money by cutting down on people sharing games.
That's a one fat lie. I can share my Vita's game cartridges and PS3 discs with whomever I want. So shut up.

>>They got rid of backwards compatibility for ps2 in order to cut cost while most would rather pay more money for the console.
That's another lie. "Most" were wining at forums for PS3 beeing expensive. Did you buy a PS3 at the launch if BC was so important to you? I guess not.

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hkgamer2064d ago

OK. the main problem is some people who have 2 accounts from different countries.

Sony doesn't want consumers to abuse the PSN and everyone probably wants to purchase from the US PSN store because it is cheaper. Sony decides to restrict the number of accounts allowed for 1 memory Card.

Here's a solution Sony could but probably wont for people who like to purchase items from other PSN stores. They could have some sort of PSN import store.

I personally need dual accounts because I purchased a Japanese PS3 at launch. I live in UK(PAL region) and I cannot play PSone games on my PS3 because it doesn't support a PAL output. Which is why I purchase PSone games from the US store.

Hicken2064d ago

I think the bottom line is system longevity. A certain amount of lockdown is needed to keep legitimate and region-specific software selling.

Somehow the DS survived it unscathed, but the PSP lost a good bit of software support once it was hacked. Yeah, the hardware sales were very impressive, but software sales don't back it up much.

Region locking is one way to ensure that you get your version from your area, that whatever involved individuals and companies worked hard on. On the other hand, not all games are available in all regions. I think a region lock on the system itself is bad, because it blocks out everything automatically. But I can understand one for a game like P4 The Arena, where it's far cheaper to get it from another region and STILL has all the same content; but then the people in YOUR region who made the game get nothing for their efforts.

I can't say ALL handhelds are getting "so locked down," but I can see the reasoning behind some of the actions taken.