Clash of the Titans: Call of Duty 4 vs. Halo 3

How did Infinity Ward go toe to toe with Master Chief?

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HeartlesskizZ3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

There no need to state which is the best game... simply go and check which is the most played online of those two =D and you will find a clear answer xD

ape0073602d ago


kalistyles3602d ago

What you guys said. Halo is Galo.

Delt43602d ago

truthfully i dont think infinaty ward really expected the outcome they got from this game. I mean everyone knew it was going to be an awsome game but no expected the final outcome. Halo 3 = huge opening day/ COD4 = GOTY 07!!!!!! I can't wait till COD6 ( the next one infinaty Ward gets to make)

ravinash3602d ago

Yep, infinity ward just get on and do the deed. None of this hype stuff, they just let the game speak for itself.

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The story is too old to be commented.