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Submitted by Aclay 1262d ago | opinion piece

PS Vita Is The BEST Way To Play PSOne Games - See For Yourself

Gamesradar- Well, well, well. After all the palaver about PSOne games only appearing on the PS Store in limited numbers, then not appearing in download queues, we've finally got some PSOne games running on Vita. And we're glad we made the effort because the outcome is superb. Is it going to save the system? Not on its own, no - we still need more Vita games. But just for a moment, let's applaud a triumph. If you still love your PSOne classics, this is the absolute best way to play them. (PS Vita)

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miyamoto  +   1262d ago
This very nice
For the haters who think the PS Vita is lacking in buttons vs Wii U Gamepad:

"I'm in control
But graphics aren't everything – and that's where Vita's controls come into play. The rear touch panel can be used as the final two shoulder buttons, meaning every button on a PSOne DualShock can be replicated on a Vita. And the analogue control is superb – steering your car around Shooting Hoops in Ridge Racer Type 4 is a joy. So good in fact, we only know this because we turned on the Vita for one race and ended up finishing a whole season. It's that much fun."

Now for some PS2 games...
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BudMcMuffin2go  +   1262d ago
I totally agree with you, i cant wait till i can try one out. thinking about saving up for one, hopefully i could get a nice little bundle some where.
avengers1978  +   1262d ago
They are coming out with tons of vita bundles
A Madden, a Liberation, and I think Even A COD one. that's your best bet.
Xperia_ion  +   1262d ago
How do you format controls for PS1/PSP games?
fredrikpedersen  +   1261d ago
Hold down the front touchscreen for a few seconds and a menu will pop up
George Sears  +   1262d ago
Looks pretty cool. Right now, I'm using my Galaxy S3 for my PSX games though. Why? I like third party emulators more. They tend to have a lot more cooler options to make games run better and more enjoyable.
nevin1  +   1262d ago
With all that options, still has no buttons.
George Sears  +   1262d ago

That's why I use my PS3 controller. Can't think of a better way to play without them.
hkgamer  +   1262d ago
Yeah, would be nice if Sony added some cool filters.
Some PSone emulators make the games look amazing, even in this day and age.
edgeofsins  +   1261d ago
The Dolphin Gamecube emulator allows 3D support for 3D monitors. Both the Gamecube and PS2 emulator have way higher resolutions possible. It looks so weird when you change it from high resolution to native resolution on an emulator.
miyamoto  +   1262d ago
lol. very nice. havent tried it yet for my S2 coz i have a PSP.
edgeofsins  +   1261d ago
So you can't really play the PSX games anywhere without bringing a PS3 controller? I prefer the controls and the screen on one object and not the extra luggage.
jc48573  +   1262d ago
I would like to pick up the vita someday when I get a real job.
SillyBastid  +   1262d ago
finally a positive article... sick of all the haters. Playing Resident Evil during my commute on the vita has been addictive so far.
NeoTribe  +   1262d ago
Or you could play them on your ps1... I didn't buy new tech to play old games...
dcortz2027  +   1262d ago
I did not know that the PS1 was portable and playable anywhere on the go..
Hicken  +   1262d ago
You'd be singing a completely different tune if this were a Microsoft product offering you the ability to play Halo on the go.

You buy a gaming system to play games, PERIOD. Extra features are nice, but it's a game console, so the more games, the better. I love the fact that my PS3 can play PS1 games, and lament that it's not one of those that can also play PS2 games. Why?

Because if you're a gamer, you don't just forget about generations past. Granted, you probably JUST started gaming this generation, so it would be different for you, but MOST people who call themselves gamers have been doing it for more than one generation; they have favorites from even way back in the Atari days(for me, that game is Joust) that they have no problems going back and playing.

Having one device that allows you to play the libraries of multiple generations' worth of systems is great for any true gamer.
poopsack  +   1262d ago

You dont take this out everytime you're on the bus?
CalvinKlein  +   1262d ago
they look like crap on ps1, at least this has a slight filter and it looks far better on the small screen and it can go anywhere. And the games sound far better with headphones then in stereo thru speakers.

I didnt buy a VITA to only play worse versions of console games made by d-team developers, but thats pretty much what the VITA has given me so far. Theres Tons of better ps1 games then there are VITA games at the moment and that wont change for years if ever.

I bought a vita to play games period. The new games that appeal to me are fairly spaced out and there really are not that many. The more classics released the better. Would you scoff at ps2 support for VITA as well? Yes? you only buy ps2 hd remakes so you can play them on current tech?

Fact is that support for older classics is where sony can easily Beat their competitors. MS and apple sont have the classics, and Nintendo is behind on the amount and infrastructure to deliver teh games.

Phones and vita may have some cheap games but Im pretty sure there are TONS of PS1 classics that are 6-10$ that are 100 times better than current games that come out for the same price. 35$ for dungeon hunter, 25$ for rige racer demo wit option to pay more to make half a game, or 35$ for lumines puzzle game on VIta?? Or $6-10 for Final fantasy, legacy of cain, RE2, and silent hill etc. on VITA

Ive owned all 5 playstations and IMO the first is still the best. 1990-2000 = the golden age of gaming, sorry if you were still a sperm then.
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DivineAssault  +   1262d ago
BS.. Saturn was btr than PS & N64 had much cleaner games.. Only thing PS had on saturn was FF7-9.. Every other game was better on saturn.. look it up on lens of truth.. Idk why it died but it did so whatever.. Im on the sony bandwagon now but back then, FF is why they succeeded
CalvinKlein  +   1262d ago
ahah WTF are you talking about. Playstation had TONS more games than saturn ever did.

ANd I also had a N64 that I loved but I was talking about playstation classics and nothing I said had anything to do with saturn or N64. I said ps1 was my favorite playstation so I welcome as many ps1 classics on VITA as we can get.

saturn was pretty much dead before FF7 ever came out in the west as they announced they were making a successor to saturn in 1997.

and how about saturn versions of

Metal gear solid, crash 1-3, RE 2/3, FF7-9, Silent hill, Gran Turismo, medal of honor, Soul reaver, tony hawk 1/2/3, syphen filter 1-3, james bond, quake 1/2, gex 3d, R4, street fighter alpha 3, spyro games, Tekken series, Tombraider 2/3, ape escape, Xenogears, Oddworld 1/2, Twisted metal, Driver

and tons others that were not on saturn at all since it was discontinued in the west in 1998 while PS1 got tons of support already and for years after that.
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FinaLXiii  +   1262d ago
The dual stick is the only real difference really comparing to PSP.
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Pixel_Enemy  +   1262d ago
The screen. You must not have seen the screen in person.
Xperia_ion  +   1262d ago
Full of bologna.
DivineAssault  +   1262d ago
i noticed it immediately when playing FF7.. It looks way better on vita than on any tv or psp
MasterCornholio  +   1262d ago

I have a question. I recently bought FF7 from the Vita store but it says that i cant download it via the Vita.

My question is did you use the Vita to download the game or the PS3?

If you used the PS3 that means i have to wait until Monday to be able to download the game because im still on my Vacation.

On a side note i recently downloaded Abes Odyssey and Crash Bandicoot Warped and i do notice that the games look better than on my PC. Must be due to Vitas smaller OLED screen which makes the games appear colorful and more crisp than the emulators on my computers.

I´m very happy that Sony did a very good job with the emulator on the Vita.
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crawling182  +   1261d ago
Interesting, I bought FFVII back when it first came to PSN and was able to download it from my Vita right after it showed up on the store.
IRetrouk  +   1262d ago
Resi 1,2,3, crash 1,2,3 karting, so far impressed, the graphics seem cleaner on the vita screen, having a blast so far
Aceman18  +   1262d ago
i'm playing FF6 and i gotta say it does look good, crisp on the screen.
Gamerita  +   1261d ago
my PSP 3000 is the best way to play PS One classics. lovely screen & much nicer to hold. ;)
PhunnyJesta  +   1261d ago
playing chrono trigger and loving it! I am ashamed to admit that I missed this game growing up and never found time to play it but I do now =]
Vitalogy  +   1261d ago
The best way to play psone games is turning my playstation back on my tv. I paid €250 to play actual games and brand new IP's made exclusively for ps vita, not to play games from 1995-2000 -.-
hkgamer  +   1261d ago
reminds me of mega64, when he pushes a tv, ps2 and a motor power supply around for portable mgs.
well the best to play is normally using original machines, but less and less people have sd tv's. they also probably sold/stashed their old consoles.
people rather have a £€$250 that can play vita games as well as psone games rather than just vita games.
more features = better in mine and most others opinions
Vitalogy  +   1261d ago
I don't disagree with you on that point, having a piece of hardware capable of doing new and old but my point was/is the fact that sony is wasting time and giving more importance to psone classics rather than releasing and making brand new IP's for the Vita that can actually take advantage of the hardware.

Of course its cool to own a Vita that's capable to play ps1, ps2, some ps3 games and even its own vita games, but I'm sure most people bought the Vita for the "new" and not the "old", if you know what I mean.
hkgamer  +   1260d ago
I'm pretty sure that releasing PSone games doesn't take much time off Sony. This is just to distract gamers away from the fact that nothing is going to be released on the Vita for a while.

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