Sexism In Gaming: 5 Reasons It’s A Thing

Why it's time for the gaming community to stop treating every new instance of sexist nonsense like an isolated event.

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Allsystemgamer2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

Not this again....

in general girls don't play these types of games as much as men. Plain and simple. My gf doesn't touch shooters but loves RPGs.

Now I'm not saying that girls suck at shooters and neither does "girlfriend mode". Its not called "girls suck at games mode".

Political correctness these days is getting out of hand.

Moby-Royale2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

It's also not called "girlfriend mode".

And I agree with you. It IS absolutely out of hand.

knowyourstuff2123d ago

lol Girlfriend Mode is where you set the game to the easiest difficulty and let your girlfriend play.

Sexism is not a problem with the target audience - males. Just because a female isn't dressed like a nun doesn't make it sexist. If all you think about is sex when you see one - that's your problem, you're like the politician who demonizes sex because that's all he can think about all day, and he's trying to rectify himself of his guilt.

zgoldenlionz2123d ago

When I hear "girlfriend mode" I think they mean a mode that lets that person that's always sitting and watching you play ie girlfriend participate.

My wife just started playing games like skyrim and KoA took her almost 10 years to play a game that made you aim. She's played traditional RPGs for years.

I'm guessing people that had a problem with the term couldn't connect the dots to what they were getting at. Anyone that has a girlfriend or buddy or family member that watches games but never tries to play knows what's up

HammadTheBeast2123d ago

Jesus christ, are we still on this thing?!

etebitan2123d ago

Im sick of this articles...

Megaton2123d ago

Somebody is hoping to pick up internet women by slapping together this piece.

josephayal2123d ago

these consoles have a more mature audience

Moby-Royale2122d ago

You forgot to add "Nah nah-nah boo-boo".


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