Grand Theft Auto's best ever radio stations writes:

"With GTA fever having shifted up a gear as anticipation builds for the upcoming GTA V, decided to extol the series’ finest selection of music stations, dating all the way back to the days of the top-down original."

BitbyDeath1341d ago

I loved Vice City's everything.
Best in the series imo

adonis1831341d ago

my Favorite station was in vice city, it was this indian song, i loved it, Anyone know the name of it?

adonis1831341d ago

Why the disageee, am serious, i rode the taxi and this indian music came up, am not indian btw

SCThor1341d ago

The best DEFINITELY is "Emotion" from GTA:VC

user54670071341d ago

K-Rose or Flash FM

There was one of them which I liked which had a women on who sounded like Karen Walker off Will and Grace...can't remember what one though or what game it was on, it was either Vice City or San Andreas

BudMcMuffin2go1341d ago

I think i know which one your talking about i remember that as well i just cant think of which game either

jony_dols1341d ago

Flying a Hydra across Los Venturas with 'A Horse with No Name' blaring on K-DST, whilst letting loose a few missiles at bystanders.

Aaaah... the memories!

Elwenil1341d ago

Radio-X from San Andreas had Sage.

Nocturne1471341d ago

K-DST(GTA:SA), Liberty Rock(GTA:IV), Flashback FM(GTA:III), Wave 103 (GTA:VC) for me.

BigStef711341d ago

Integrity 2.0 hosted by Lazlow in gta4
That was some funny stuff lmao

jizzyjones1341d ago

V-Rock, Radio Los Santos, Electro Shock

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