Wii bubble: Is it about to burst?

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Wii BubbleMicrosoft says Wii is just a gateway console to prime gamers for bigger and better things, namely Xbox 360! Jeff Bell, Microsoft VP of Marketing implied the message in an interview with 1UP recently, but he's not the only one. Critics of Wii say the rise of the Nintendo console's popularity is a bubble and it's ready to burst.

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jessupj3762d ago

I agree this will happen with some Wii gamers. I speculate that it will be a minority that will yern for more mature content. I believe casual gamers are a very different breed to the hardcore. From my experience they are generally happy to just continue to slowly glide along. Casual gamers will generally stay casual gamers. How many of you have had sisters or girlfriends or parents that have been casually gaming? How many years have they been gaming? Have any of them embarked on maturer content? Probably not many. I could be wrong but this is just my persoanl experience.

However, I believe the casuals that do 'upgrade' are not casuals but hardcore gamers that do not yet realize they're hardcore gamers.

name3761d ago

They've been saying this for a while now. -_- However, seeing the number of wii gamers saying they barely play their wii anymore is something to take into consideration. Although, if developrs actually create some AAA games on the console, then it'll work. The wii isn't alone in the fact that it suffers if developers don't make good games for it. That would be true for any console.

IntelligentAj3761d ago

How many times has it been said the Wii will fade? I've lost count already. As much as I wanted the Wii to not have the level of success it has, I no longer believe it will fade. If it hasn't happened by now and people are still waiting to buy the console then when? The only way I can see this happening is if both the 360 and PS3 drop to the same price as the Wii and even then I don't see it because they draw from too different pools of gamers(Wii= Mainstream 360/PS3= Hardcore and some mainstream)

PS360WII3761d ago

ah yes the standard attempt to bring the Wii console down. Sorry you can submit 10 of these a day it still will not stop the fact that the Wii is a pure gaming machine that will stay popular until the next Nintendo console comes out and the Wii will have many many amazing games.

Armyless3761d ago

Watch that game go meteoric

Delt43761d ago

the WII's success has alot to do with the ammount of fun you can have with the person next to you not just the person talking through your headset on the other side of the world. I mean its like the ultimate board game everyone is involved. Its like monopoly i mean that game just doesnt go away

Rice3761d ago

Its funy the wii is leading sales but has no good games.

bozemanriverrat3761d ago

...that the Wii has no (as in 'ZERO') good games, may I suggest you re-evaluate gaming as one of your hobbies.

yoshifett3761d ago

You clearly haven't played Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime, RE4, Zelda, Super Paper Mario...

bozemanriverrat3761d ago

3 people disagreed with my comment, which means there are at least 3 people who believe that the Wii has no, zero, zilch, zip, zadda ONE good game. So then...

Super Mario Galaxy = crapola
Metroid Prime = stooopid
Zack and Wiki = kiddy stuff
No More Heroes = would be better as a FPS

Hey fanboys! Go to the open forum to do your mindless system bashing. The grown ups want to have an intelligent discussion of gaming.

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