14 Xbox Live Arcade games we can't wait to play

Xbox Live Arcade has had a wonderful six months, thanks to such doozies as Spelunky, Trials Evolution and Fez. But recent events - Microsoft's commitment to free-to-play, the more credible kind of Xbox 720 rumour - suggest that the service's best could be yet to come.

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rbailey2059d ago

A Great list of some solid titles. I especially can't wait for Ascend, Joe Danger: The Movie, and Mark Of The Ninja

dirigiblebill2059d ago

Mark of the Ninja sounds awesome. Who'd have thought it, a 2D Tenchu.

Ben_Grimm2059d ago

I agree, some really great games coming to to XBL.

JellyJelly2059d ago

Ghetto Golf lol! Awesome!

MacUser19862059d ago

No Jet Grind Radio fans? Sad...

AngelicIceDiamond2059d ago

They released a trailer for Lococycle and it looks like a TON of fun. They're using real voice actors for the game to give it a genuine narrative feel to the game from what it looks like.

That's a solid list of games. I'm looking forward to Lococycle, Ascend New Gods, and Happy Wars.

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