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Silver-Hawk2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Wicked, hopefully scorpion will be announced soon to be in the game.

Test: can someone tell me what this means to them - A B A C A B B - then bubble me up if you like

Nitrowolf22032d ago

So nostalgic (MK code)
Don't think any MK character will be in this game TBH

Silver-Hawk2032d ago

Wicked nightwolf, you're correct. I'll give a bubble and agree

Larry L2032d ago

Actually, Nightwolf, I wouldn't be too surprised if a Mortal Kombat cha......Kharakter does show up in PS All Stars. I have been saying literally since the day this game was announced, that because Sony allowed NetherRealm to put Kratos into MK, that Sony would at least try and go to NetherRealm to put a MK kharakter in All-Stars. And to be honest, having LOVED Boon since 1992, I can't really see him saying "no".

I expect it will be Scorpion, since he's the obvious "face of MK", and it could be another little voice over role for Boon playing that character. Though there's already alot of fire characters, so Sub-Zero would be the other obvious choice.

Personally, I'd want Shao Kahn or Ermac, just to have something visually different from everything else in the game so far.

CarlosX3602032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

I agree with Larry in the Mortal Kombat inclusion.

Scorpion or Sub Zero would not fit in the All Stars chaos, so I would have to choose someone who's quick on their toes, or even a big character like...

Goro, Kintaro, or Shao Khan.

MASTER_RAIDEN2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Everyone loves to say that no mk characters would ever end up in a nonviolent game, but thats really just not that true. if you check out a lot of Ed boons interviews where he mentions other games, you can see taht he has a lot of fun with the idea of integration. hence why he was so prepared to try something new with mk vs dc. and lets not forget about kratos being in mk. nonviolence in a game doesnt mean much of anything to ed boon based on the way he comes off. id bet that if they actually approached him with the idea of scorpion making his debut, hed be really excited to try it out. hes actually pretty flexible with trying new things with mk.
its actually a lot more of an issue on the other games end. playstation all stars is a kid friendly rated game, and i think theyd feel it to be inappropriate to add such a character to the series.

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yewles12032d ago

Down Up Left Left A Right Down was much better.

ABizzel12032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

LMAO the blood code for Mortal Kombat on Sega. My cousins and I still remember that to this day. I don't know if some of the games were broken, but I never had to enter that code for my version.

Down, Up, Up the easiest fatality of all time. Hold block to make it easier.

Or Hold block, 360 circle on D-Pad for Lui-Kang's.

Good old days.

Silver-Hawk2032d ago

I wish there was a way I could link up with MK fans through Sega genesis or super Nintendo for MK 1

ABizzel12032d ago

I think I may have had it on SNES, I wasn't sure, but maybe that's why I didn't need the blood code.

Nimblest-Assassin2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Anyways, Raiden looks really fun to play

Plus did you see all those unlocks at the end?


For each character too

Thats alot of unlockables, which I love in fighting games

smashcrashbash2032d ago

That is good to know.Will quell some of the griping about no replay value and no unlockables. I knew a bunch of people who are used to working on fighting games wouldn't leave out the unlockables. Superbot themselves already said each character would have at least ten alternate costumes

Kluv2032d ago

Where do you see the unlocks at? In this video?

Thatguy-3102032d ago

couldn't they just make everyone close combat instead of basing them off there history in their game? I mean characters like sackboy are going to get demolish!!! His move set sucks.

HammadTheBeast2032d ago

His move set does crazy damage and he has insane combos if pulled off.

jonboi242032d ago

dude thats smash bros not PSABR, plus colonel radec is a beast from long range and mid-range. my favourite character in the beta.

plus sackboy has so many options to get a way from the action. he can teleport and blow people away with his fan. a super technical character from what I heard but lethal if used right.

MySwordIsHeavenly2032d ago

Sackboy is a character that requires finesse. Many people have mastered his move set.

He doesn't depend on quick jabs. It's all about strategy and making your opponents feel like your personal rag doll. Sackboy is VERY good at that.

guitarded772032d ago

The beta is very well balanced, and the cartoony characters can hold their own. It's actually easy to whoop ass with Sly, so I think Sackboy will do just fine.

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ZombieKiller2032d ago

ABACABB is the blood code for the genesis port to the original MK. Coincidentally, ABACABB is also the name of a popular 80's song sung by who? GENESIS.

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Irishguy952032d ago

Good stuff, I always wanted to be Grey fox in smash bros, but he was just a pick up/ally

colonel1792032d ago

They missed a lot of opportunities with the stages. If the game had damage, there should be a lot of potential with the stages. Just looking at the video, the Uncharted 3 stage could have the trucks fall off, so that you fall down ad fall. I have also seen other stages where the interactivity could be really well implemented.

I like the game, but I just can't see how it works without damage and be able to fall off the stage. Maybe I have my mind too sett into Smash Bros, since that is what I know, but I just can't not be skeptical.

I have a feeling that if there is a sequel they will indeed implement damage and deaths from falling off the stage. This is definitely an experimental game (and according to the character roster so far, a promotional, huge PR game, because including Raiden, New Dante, and Tekken characters is definitely being use as a promotion for their games instead to focus the game to be a "honor" to the PS legacy.

smashcrashbash2032d ago

Tekken was on the PS1 before it was on any other system. So how is Heihachi just being used for promotion. And Raiden was part of MGS during the PlayStation days too. So how is he not part of the legacy? And you have played may fighting games in the past where you don't fall off stages so how is it that you are making this a problem. Falling off is not the point of the game and was a very cheap way to win in SSB. But I know what I am saying will fall on deaf ears and the usual suspect will come running in to say how it is a travesty to use Raiden instead of Snake blah blah blah. I am surprised they aren't here already. That said I remember they mentioning Snake in one of the articles. There is still space for Old Snake.

solidboss2032d ago


Raiden was a part of MGS since MGS2 the reason why this game is a promotion is because the new characters they chose. why not mgs4 raiden? why not the dante we all know and love? its to get people familiarized with the new look of the characters thus making it a pr stunt

MySwordIsHeavenly2032d ago

So, you haven't played it? Damage is there AND the stages try to kill you. Falling off a stage should not be the main form of death. In fact, that's really fricking annoying!

Nimblest-Assassin2032d ago

The stages do damage you... however they stun you so your opponents can use you to build AP.

Apparently in their earlier build the stages could kill you... but they found that people got way to confused about what killed them.. so they scrapped the idea

iMaim2032d ago

i agree. the random falls in SSB has had many lulz on the living room couch.

ABizzel12032d ago


I can't agree more, most of us who wanted this game have played Super Smash Bros. and it's disappointing that basic fighting game features like damage aren't in this game. And not taking a death from falling off the stage is ridiculous as well. I mean if you're fighting on the bed of a plane and fall off, you should die, not respawn as if nothing happened.

I thought I didn't like this game for the longest, but I think it's more so because of some of the aggravating design choices they made. Let's be real people this is PlayStation Smash Bros. and I'm fine with that. But don't give us a half baked attempt when you've pretty much cloned it. This game even has the same knock back system where if you hit some hard they get knocked away as if they've taken a lot of damage, BUT THERE'S NO DAMAGE. There's no need to add the side wall death (as in smash bros.) but at least count the pit fall death.

I'm sure I'll enjoy the game when I play it, but I'm still hoping there's a damage mode in the game similar to Smash Bros. Melee Stamina mode or something. Maybe you can completely edit the setting of each match to include fall deaths as -1 and add in some other options as well. I pray it's there.

I fell this game had so much potential and they've only lived of to 50% of it which is sad. If anything they should have made this PlayStation Power Stone. Maybe the next game will be if this one does well.

MySwordIsHeavenly2032d ago

There IS damage. Can you not see the "Kills" and "Deaths" list after the fight is over? Raiden killed the most opponents, so he won. They have the option to turn that on in the HUD, but I like it much more without it. That way, everyone is just fighting everyone, instead of the person who is "winning".

You say this is PlayStation Smash Bros...but then you knock the game for NOT being PlayStation Smash Bros.

Make up your mind.

A-Glorious-Dawn2032d ago

So let me get this straight, you complain that it's a rip off of smash bro's and then complain because it's not more similar?

Critics these days....

ABizzel12032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )


"You say this is PlayStation Smash Bros...but then you knock the game for NOT being PlayStation Smash Bros. "

I swear. People use your brain for more than producing stupidity. This game is blatantly Super Smash Bros. with PlayStation Characters. That's fine, but there are things in SSB that make it great that are completely missing in PSASBR which is DISAPPOINTING (no one ever sad it was a bad game).

"There IS damage."

No there isn't there's a "Kill and Death chart" at the end of the round just like SSB. However, there's no vitality bar to gauge where your health is, there's no SSB-like Percentage meter showing how much damage you've taken, and there's no colored outline on the characters showing if they're about to bit it. This game is get a Level 1 - 3 Super for a chance to score a kill point, and that's just a huge DISAPPOINTMENT. Did you not understand that from the previous post?

We're simply saying since the game took inspiration from SSB, there are some features that should be there which is a Health / DAMAGE bar, and deaths from falling off the stage. That's it, nothing more.

And personally if I had the choice I would have made the game more like Power Stone than SSB. If we didn't care about the game then we wouldn't waste our time giving our opinions on it. As of now it looks like a decent SSB clone rather than being the biggest PS3 exclusive of the holiday. For a game that blends the best of PlayStation and "Essential 3rd party characters" it's a bit underwhelming IMO.


Does that mean it's going to be a bad game. No. They haven't shown anything from the campaign, which is what I'm look forward to the most. From what they've shown thus far it's not a $60 game to me. The game launches in less than 3 months, and many people have little to no excitement for it which is a problem. We're all going to buy it regardless, but what about the public. I feel this was a HUGE missed opportunity for what this could have potentially become. Who knows I may love it and never put it down, and I'm sure it's going to be a great party / fighting game like Super Smash Bros., but based on everything shown thus far it's only a decent SSB whether any of you agree or not.


ABizzel12032d ago


Obviously @MySwordIsHeavenly can't comprehend.

And you must be flat out lazy for not even bother to read what I said and went off what @MySwordIsHeavenly wrote.

There's no where in what I wrote where I complain about it being a SSB rip-off and not liking it because it's not more similar. Did you even bother to think how stupid that would sound.

I specifically said and I quote myself.

"Let's be real people this is PlayStation Smash Bros. and I'm fine with that. But don't give us a half baked attempt when you've pretty much cloned it."

To summarize that for you, I was saying this game is a PlayStation clone (rip off is such a dirty word) of SSB, but they took out some features that SSB has that actually make the game so great such as a health bar / Damage Percentage, and falling off stages.

IMO it makes no sense that if you fall off of a stage in PSASBR you don't die or lose a life, you simple respawn. These are the words taken from Superbot's E3 preview of the game. Also having to rely solely on Level 1 - 3 supers to score anything, is another disappointing aspect of this game. It's good because it stops camping, but it's stupid that I can sit there and beat the shigadey out of someone, and no matter what I do they still won't die, unless I do my special. It baffles me that they would do that. I know they're trying to be different, but as I said they blatantly copied SSB, and the few changes they've made thus far don't seem like good ones.

No one is bashing the game at all, just DISAPPOINTED with some design choices.

Reverent2032d ago

@ABizzel1, how about you actually pay attention to the game before blindly attacking people? Watch the Raiden video and notice that whenever a guy hits someone, depending on how strong the attack, DOES build a percentage that is displayed as a number in the person's AP bar. THAT shows essentially how much damage the attack did. God, I swear people like you just hate the idea of this game being fun and successful and so you have to attack it at every corner. Also, -bubs for immaturity.

A-Glorious-Dawn2032d ago


So after that essay, in a nutshell what you are saying is, since it's similar to SSB why not make it an exact carbon copy with all the features SSB has?

I for one think that's quite a dense viewpoint. It's one thing to take a game structure and modify it, and quite another to completely mirror it. I am looking forward to a different kind of brawler, who wants another SSB with different characters. It's similar enough already isn't it?

ZombieNinjaPanda2032d ago


Why are you arguing with these people? They clearly have no intentions of understanding what you're saying, and stick to blindly defending their corporate giant.

Fez2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

I completely agree with you. Not being able to hit people off stages is a big let down. For me, enough to make me wait a long time till the price is down.

One of the main reasons that I enjoyed SSB was being able to fall off stages. The yelps and squeals from a friend as he tries to get their fighter back on the stage is priceless. This game will be missing that urgency since falling off stages seems to have no repercussions (correct me if I'm wrong?).

And it's a great leveller - you don't have to be a seasoned vet to get lucky and win a match in SSB. If your new to this game playing against a friend who always plays it you'll most likely get beat. With SSB, games were a lot more unpredictable but you could still give yourself a better chance with some skill.

Still looks pretty fun, but I'd prefer the same game with the ability to die from falling off.

Have they shown off any other game modes with stuff like this or an elimination style game mode?

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colonel1792032d ago

The worst part about this game is that they will milk the hell out of it with characters and stages. The roster so far is somewhat disappointing, but I have a feeling they are doing it on purpose so that they can add them later as DLC at $2.99 each character with stages being $4.99, or the usual character pack including the character and the stage.

It's a shame that gaming has come to this. Just remember the days when Marvel vs Campcom had so many characters from each side in one complete game, or even Smash Brothers Brawl with tons of content, which I thing the next one won't be like that but they'll start charging too.

Anyways, expect the final roster to be small/disappointing, and expect a lot of DLC to milk it... Best advice is to wait until they release a complete package (like GOTY edition) with all the DLC characters, because it WILL happen.

MySwordIsHeavenly2032d ago

What is disappointing?!? They've included all the major Sony characters. Crash and Spyro were never owned by Sony, but they've been trying to get them. I'm sure they'll at least get Crash.

I'm so tired of people like you.

zebramocha2032d ago

@mysword Crash and spyro were owned by Sony but they sold the right to actovision.

ABizzel12032d ago


I don't agree with you about the cast and stages. All the stages thus far have been good IMO. I will say the cast seems a bit more PS3 focused than encompassing all of PS, but we don't know if these are the final characters or if they'll be more reveal / secret characters to unlock (although they said there we're any, which again I think is a bad idea).

There are 10 - 20 more characters that should be in this game, and if possible they'll make it happen.

Nariko (Heavenly Sword)
Sephiroth / Tifa
Gabe Logan (Syphon Filter)
Sir Daniel
Darth (Legend of Dragoon)
Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
Kat (Gravity Rush)
Wanderer (SotC)
Toro (I know he's in there, but he should be Ryu SF)
Kuro (Should have been Kazuya like Street Fighter X Tekken)
Assassin (Assassin's Creed)

But if all of them were in this game, then there would be no need for a sequel now would there?

Veneno2031d ago

While on the topic of characters id like to say that if there is not even one disgaea character then sony is doing a disservice to the true true hardcore playstation fans. A huge part of the fun of these crossover games is that theres the mega iconic chars and then theres the obscure ones. If sony misses this notion then they missed a huge point of making a crossover game..

Id be happy if disgaea chars were dlc. I know im giving into the man but its disgaea!

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jonboi242032d ago

@colonel179 by falling off the stage you are put into a stunned state and you lose some of your super meter. damage isn't really needed because you have to stop thinking it as damage = reducing health but as damage = more super meter. its street fighter 4 without a health bar and just a super meter. I made the same mistake as thinking PSABR was the same and came in with the same mind set but got destroyed. you really need to start from fresh when you start getting into the game.

Kluv2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

But there sort of is a damage system. Instead of taking damage you receive super. Either way it's actually conceptually the same With damage, a bar shrinks until the opponent dies. With Battle Royale, a bar increases until an opponent dies. It's actually pretty similar in the end game, but they found a really unique way to do it. For that I give them props.

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-Alpha2032d ago

Lol at the super 3. Excellent improvements with the ui too

ANIALATOR1362032d ago

Where the hell is Solid Snake