MLG announces Halo 4 an official tournament game in Fall Champinionship

Gamers will be playing Halo 4 competitively a few days before its release, Major League Gaming has announced, as the Xbox 360 shooter has been added to the body's Pro Circuit, debuting in the MLG Fall Championship in Dallas, TX. The event is running from the 2nd to the 4th November, a few days before the game's 6th November release.

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ChunkyLover532031d ago

Good stuff, Halo has always been a force when it comes to MLG.

wiiu_peeu2031d ago

Im looking forward to seeing how Halo 4 plays. Its looking good but usually the final product doesnt look as good as they hype it up to be. Hopefully this time around that wont happen.

h311rais3r2031d ago

I played it at fan expo. It's as good as they've been showing. Both gameplay and graphically.

pompombrum2031d ago

For me, it will depend on the overall quality of the maps. One of my biggest complaints with Halo Reach is that over half the maps don't flow and are just painful to play.. reflections and sword base immediately come to mind.

Mainsqueeze2030d ago

Reflection is an amazing map...halo 2 remake of ivory tower. That shit got remade for a reason.

MySwordIsHeavenly2031d ago

You cool as that is...why can't a game like Starhawk get into MLG? It's one of the most strategic online shooters out there.

JonahFalcon2031d ago

It doesn't translate well to tourney play. You want timed skill matches.

MySwordIsHeavenly2031d ago

Ten minutes on Starhawk is going to rack up as many kills as it would on Halo 4 though.

I feel like people haven't even played Starhawk.

Mainsqueeze2030d ago

Starhawk isn't nearly as fast paced as halo nor does it have as high of a skill cap. Starhawk does have strategy on large scale battles but nothing that will translate well to small arena play.

JonahFalcon2030d ago

Has nothing to do with kill count. Halo team DM's are built for team DM. Starhawk is too objective based and not paced for 10-15 minute matches.

Ben_Grimm2031d ago

Starhawk isn't nearly as popular as Halo. Not to mention it doesn't have the fanbase or community as large as Halo.

MySwordIsHeavenly2031d ago

It's nice to see them implementing features that came from other games since Halo 3 came out.