Bethesda lays out the facts for Skyrim: Hearthfire; bandits, bards and more

XMNR: Following the announcement of the Hearthfire for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on Tuesday, Bethesda Softworks released a fact sheet for the house-building expansion that details some of the features and objectives that will be included when it is released to Xbox LIVE next week.

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claud32029d ago

There you go, a random protection type mini quests and multiple house building and animal and fish gathering. And kidnapping

user54670072029d ago

Can you imagine how much they could be improved for the next Elder Scrolls game next gen.

I wonder if they'll let us do this in Fallout 4...creating houses out of tools you find scattered across the wasteland would be amazing. Those silly objects you can pick up will finally have a use. Think of all the variants aswell, if you use Brotherhood of Steel items you can create a stylish/modern home that looks good as new compared to a crappy wooden house you've just quickly put together.

Merrill2029d ago

Enjoy it, 360 owners...

darkvenom2029d ago

and yet no word on dawnguard for playstation 3?this is very frustrating.

EdoubleD2027d ago

Forget about it. It isn't coming. That's my conclusion anyway. :[

nihonlight2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

PS3 is not getting dawnguard.
The coding is so bad it can barley run the vanilla game.
Not to mention 1.7 does NOT contain trophy support for dawngaurd.
And Pete Hines covered his butt by saying "we never announced it for other systems"

Face facts. Beth sold ps3 owners a broken game and laughed all the way to the bank