The 7-inch Archos GamePad is gunning for PS Vita

The French electronics company Archos has announced a new 7-inch gaming tablet which bears more than a passing resemblance to Sony’s flagship handheld gaming device.

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majiebeast2092d ago

It has gameloft ripoff's sony should really fear this..

StraightPath2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Ipad more powerful then both. Retina display

TimeSkipLuffy2092d ago

A Retina Display won't give it games beyond Angry Birds XDD

TIER1xWOLFPACKx2092d ago

you are wrong vita is more powerful than ipad, ipad has a dual core processor at 1ghz with a quadcore gpu. ps vita have a quadcore processor at 2ghz with a quadcore gpu. retina display doesnt make it more powerful it actually makes it less powerful as it has to push more pixels the ipad 3 with its retina display is practically the same as an ipad 2 power wise because of the screen.

zgoldenlionz2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Dude the only thing the iPad can do is decent graphics. Any game with halfways good graphics has the dumbest AI you've ever seen. And by that I mean games that try to rival console experiences I'm not talking about time killers. Go play amazing spiderman, Tdkr, modern combat or anything else remotely mimicking current gen gaming and you will find dumb as a rock enemies and awful physics.

I might as well point out now I own a new iPad bought it day 1 and love it, but in no way is it better than a vita when it comes to a true gaming experience.

one2thr2092d ago

And the Retina display is lacking in the refresh rate department as well.

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GribbleGrunger2092d ago

It's Android and not anywhere near a Vita. But it's Android! If you know Sony strategy, you'll understand why this is GOOD for Sony and not close to bad.

MasterCornholio2092d ago

Yeah and people say that Playstation Mobile is only for the Vita. Pretty funny that they refuse to accept the fact that Playstation Mobile games are also for playstation certified devices which means that some androids like the Xperia S will support it.

Seriously the only one who forgot about smartphones was Nintendo not Sony. IMO

ABizzel12092d ago

PS Mobile needs to be open to all android devices. It will bring tons of money in for Sony because software almost always makes developers more money than hardware due to the production cost difference.

Sony needs to build PSMobile to have a tiered policy. If your device isn't powerful enough to run PSP games and higher than the store shouldn't display them.

Whereas something like this (I'm guessing Tegra 3 is running it) should have access to all PSMinis, PS1, PSP, PS2, and most PSN games. It's nothing but easy money since those games are already out and cost nothing but licensing fees to promote. Sony would literally make billions of dollars on this and I don't understand why they haven't had this on the forefront of the business strategy for the PlayStation brand.

PS Vita games will remain off PSMobile since it's there current handheld, and PS3 games will be off limits until the PS4 launches. This let's your new consoles continue their success, and bring in easy money by basically selling your previous console titles to a brand new audience (for the most part).

joeorc2092d ago

all android based outside of the PSVita gaming tablets getting physical controls, wikipad, archos game pad, wiki pad is already playstation mobile certifiedm i would imagine Archos is looking to do the same. Android os 4.0+ has wired built right into the os support game pads , even smartphones with Android host support can with bluetooth or an otg cable have a game pad hooked up. Is it really a shocker that sony is doing a plat form on smartdevices to help sell playstation software on one of the largest and growing market's today?

r212092d ago

I wonder if this new handheld will get the same amount of save and doom articles like the ps vita.

specialguest2092d ago

The best this device will do is the ability to play PS one and N64 games with emulation. The "real" games from Gameloft just looks like it lacks depth.

Baka-akaB2092d ago

Lol Archos' tablets are always horrible , so no .

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