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Online gaming needs to lose the XP

CVG: The long-term multiplayer fun without tired perk and prestige systems (Culture, Industry, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1067d ago
Play CS:GO! Pc devs to the rescue!
ChunkyLover53  +   1067d ago
Forget that, what the heck would be the point of playing online games if they didn't have XP and levels? That is like saying RPG's should lose the XP and levels. Chewbacca defense at its finest.
Fishy Fingers  +   1067d ago
To allow an even playing field. In many games its not a case of how good you are at the game, rather how much time you played.
ChunkyLover53  +   1066d ago
If you invest more time into a game, you should have extra perks. Why would anyone want to take away one of the main incentives for online games?

I usually hit up the double XP weekends on just about every game that offers it. Without XP, there really wouldn't be a point for me to play those types of games.
DigitalAnalog  +   1066d ago
To say that XP is somehow a mandatory feature for multiplayer proves how shallow your perception for is. Multiplayer games have THRIVED without such a poor implementation, the resulting balance was left to how well you knew the maps and WHERE you can get the best weapons. Back when multiplayer had a risk regardless if you are an avid online gamer or not.

This is exactly why so many multiplayer models never live up to their expectations even if they had a stong AAA backing. It's why stupid features like "matchmaking" was implemented rather than be allowed to fill up a team's missing slot. Worse of all, matchmaking let's you enter with the least possible experienced player it can find which STILL ends up having 20+ lvls above you. IN other cases, it's "mixes" up ranks to have this false sense of balance when clearly, the higher lvls tend to get the better K/D ratio. It's bullshit and it now also becomes a manadatory feature shoehorned into so many games that doesn't need simply because their team has no choice than to follow the model leader, in which case.. COD.

I have invested more time in ONE GAME among the classics: Counter-strike, Ghost recon, MoH, Battlefield 1942, L4D online THAN the entire multiplayer catalog with XP this gen. To say that perks/time invest is purely subjective and has nothing to do with the value of multiplayer. If the online is fantastic, then there will be players to continue playing even if there was no such thing as a stupid gimmick like XP.
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specialguest  +   1066d ago
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Clogmaster  +   1066d ago
Dumbest crap I ever heard.

What about real life? Should we level up and gain perks as well? What happened to just playing sports for fun? Hold up a second, I have to tell all my friends that I can't play sports anymore because there isn't a leveling system.

The primary objective is fun, not leveling. Leveling itself is a kind of reward, but honestly, it's just a cheap tactic to get you addicted.

I also wanted to add that it sucks when you start a new game, and then you get all these people who have some OHK weapon that you don't have access to. The game becomes less about skill, and more about who just has more free time.
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Zhipp  +   1066d ago
But there IS a lvling system, in a sense. The more you play, the better you are. The more you work out, the more fit you are. You'll reach a point where the newbies, regardless of how talented they are, are unable to compete with you due to your superior EXPerience. Heh.
Zhipp  +   1066d ago
But there IS a lvling system, in a sense. The more you play, the better you get. The more you work out, the more fit you are. You'll reach a point where the newbies, regardless of how talented they are, are unable to compete with you due to your superior EXPerience. Heh.
abzdine  +   1067d ago
Killzone 2 is the best online experience i have had.
Cajun Chicken  +   1066d ago
Multiplayer is a chore these days. I used to have fun in multiplayer when only the match I was playing mattered and not how much time in general I've spent in the multiplayer. Bring back frags and points and get rid of favouritism.
mep69   1066d ago | Bad language | show
mep69  +   1066d ago
arrrr bring back the 90's early 00's gaming
ZeroX9876  +   1066d ago
the author can't forget that many gamers are not playing hardcore everyday, so popping out a simple and straight to play FPS is something a lot of busy person are looking for. I'm working at an accounting firm and I have hardly the time to play long sessions so I need to be able to play short sessions of 1 hour or 2 top. And what I mean about this is that it's hard to be good at many hardcore fps without shoving in many hours of gameplay. COD ou can have good games even if you're not that good. seeing my friends being raped in CSgo this week, I concluded that not every FPS are made for the masses.

For the leveling system, does the author knows that prestiging is not forced upon you, but is a choice?
I played Cod4 late from the release and I didn't prestige once, but still had fun.

Xp is there for gamers that wants it. if you don't like it, just don't mind having them and play the game. (in RPG and MMO it's different...)

I'm enjoying CSgo right now, on my PC and PS3, But when BO2 get released, most of my friends that usually don't play games hardcore are all buying BO2. I'm always having a blast playing with them even if their not that good.

Gamers here on N4g have been bitching, complaining, hating this series called Call of Duty, but the masses still plays it.

Anyway, by N4G standard, This game is utterly crap, not competitive and has bad graphics. Probably the millions of players that bought a COD in their life are just dumb people who should not play games anymore./s
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urwifeminder  +   1066d ago
Thats why cod 3 is my fave cod i have 39,000 kills online lol no perks fantastic by no means pefect but a level playing field. I play bf3 or new cod unless you have put 50 hrs in u have a tooth pick and a pocket knife against a nuke , the higher you are ranked the less you should get make them kill and steal a good gun or atleast rank restrict.
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Coach_McGuirk  +   1066d ago
i agree - let the pure skill sort it out.
rpd123  +   1066d ago
If it's done right, XP really does nothing. In Halo 3 and Gears of War 3 only levels you up, and leveling up gives you no distinct advantage. XP only impedes a game if you make it so that XP = overpowered and unfair bullshit.

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