Vita's PSOne support is a Classic blunder

JC Fletcher:

The PlayStation Vita officially supports PSOne Classics games now. But not all of them, at least not officially. As of today, you'll be able to get .... thirteen of them from the PlayStation Store directly through the Vita. You can get many that aren't on the store, if you have previously bought them on PS3 or PSP, by checking your account's download history and downloading from there.

But that doesn't work for every game – many PSOne games are not available for download onto Vita through your history. Many of those can be copied to Vita from PS3 ... if you happen to have them sitting on your PS3 without installing them. And that doesn't cover all games either.

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ddurand12183d ago

This is all great, but I want vita games on my vita.

If I wanted to play my PS1 games, id play my PS1.

Ben_Grimm2183d ago

This is what a lot of people said when the PS3 dropped PS2 BC. A lot of folks said "who cares we want PS3 games for our PS3's".
But there are obvious folks that love the older games and would love to have them on current systems and especially on the go.

Oh_Yeah2183d ago

ps1 is on the go, has been on the go, with smart phones.

SilentNegotiator2182d ago

Except ps2 is solid hardware and has very few titles for download on PSN. Ps1 classics on the other hand, has lots of titles and doesn't have its own hardware (as a PSN download, I mean).

If you purchased ps2 games, you had a ps2 or a BC ps3. Complaining that ps2 support was dropped was sort of petty when you can still get an old BC ps3 or a ps2 on the real cheap. It's not like you could stick downloaded ps1 games onto your ps1.....unless we're talking about ripping an- no, no semantics, never mind.

blitz06232182d ago

The thing is, this wouldn't be such a big deal if Sony didn't promise anything in the first place. Had they said the Vita wouldn't support PS1 games or not said anything at all, there wouldn't be a lot of expectations, but they did, and it took this long for it to work - and not even all PS1 classics work.

avengers19782182d ago


Blastoise2182d ago


Pretty sure you could play PS1 games on the PSP, forget smart phones

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StraightPath2183d ago

My PSP can play ALL PS1 games officially and unofficial via CFW. Sony just failed on somthing that shud have been a feature from the start.

Ult iMate2182d ago

PSV has slightly better controls and much better screen quality.

tehpees32183d ago

A lot of people were actually looking forward to PS1 compatibility though. I think its more SCEA that screwed up than everybody else.

LarsoVanguard2183d ago

I realise that you are a child, but you must learn that things will not always be handed to you. Sony is a company that needs to profit to stay in business. I'm sure your limited experience must outweigh that of a collective group of thousands, though.

Neckbear2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )


And I realize you are far worse than a child; you're barely a sentinent being whose only purpose in life is blabber irrationalities and decry idiocy at every possible step to please his godly overlords he owes nothing to.

Let me just say this: things better get "handed" to me if the company in question, which obviously wants to make money, desires my support. After all, it's something I'm paying for, currency reflection of my effort and work, as well as time. For a company to profit they need to provide attractive products I would like to spend my money into, and currently, Sony can't even do that right.

Also, I'm quite sure it's not only him that desires this particular feature, after all, why would it be getting added in the first place, if not because it'd lure a significant number of customers?

It baffles me that people try to say things such as "stop being entitled!" or "stop complaining!" about people, well, complaining about products they bought. What is wrong with you?

monkey nuts2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Classic trolling. Its like fishing, only with bitches instead of fish. High 5!!!

Tito082183d ago

@ tehpees3 I completely agree with you, cause of all the regional divisions, mostly SCEA seems to be the ones that screw the most, as I can tell when I go every single one of the regional PS stores, the Japanese PS store trumps the U.S. one hands down with a lot more content, they have tons of PS1 games, even some that saw a U.S. release...

I know most of you might disagree, but it's the truth, SCEA are the ones that mostly screwed the games division the most, SCEJ seems to be always ahead of SCEA, even SCEE trumps SCEA....

But I disagree with the article cause I'm not, since his purpose for the article is to simply complain & get hits & views.... I think journalists are doing that, especially in the case of PS fans, to get easy hits... A lot of those articles are pointless....

Trenta272183d ago

Exactly. There are a bunch of other things PS1 games can already be on. So much focus on the PS1 seems like its taking away from the new Vita games. The lineup for the rest of the year sound awesome, though. I hope they are worth the wait.

CalvinKlein2182d ago

"So much focus on the PS1 seems like its taking away from the new Vita games."

I think you mean game, as in madden. THe release schedule looks sparse and if they are gonna have PS1 game support they should't do it half assed.

spacedelete2182d ago

who in their right minds would play an actual PS1 ? you can play PS1 games on a PS3 with wireless controller so the best PS1 experience is on a PS3. no one likes keeping old hardware laying around.

DarkHeroZX2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Its not a blunder, actually it works great. There are really wayy more games that work on the vita that we aren't being told, in order to get the ps1 games to run you need to download the game from your ps3 only. DO NOT INSTALL THE GAME TO THE PS3, then connect the vita to the ps3 and launch content manager. Select the uninstalled game and download it to the vita and it will work. I got crash and chrono trigger both working on my vita earlier today. Also for any current PS1 games you already own you'll have to uninstall them and re-download them again.

avengers19782182d ago

I'm almost positive that further updates will continue to make the Vita better, and probably bring more and more PS1 classics to vita, and more PSP games and PS2 games... The thing is it's a nice option. I for one want Vita games, PSP games, PS1 games, PS2 games, and possible through a cloud service even PS3 games on my vita is that really to much to ask

insomnium22182d ago

I want my FF7 and FF8 on the go in addition to Vita games thank you.

Ben_Grimm2182d ago

They need a collection pack in my opinion for the Vita!

Insomnium2 you're back, how was your ban?

insomnium22182d ago

I already told you it's ignorant to come here as a noob and talk down on people who were here years before you. Nothing can change what happened here and as long as people try to deny these things I keep pointing them out. You think I care about some restrictions?

I also told you "Looking forward to you stalking me." so you won't get a single "cool"-point for adressing me so casually. You had your chance. It was impossible for you to come out as a winner so you started calling me an idiot. You can shout all you want but it won't change facts.

Ben_Grimm2182d ago

LOL so I was right!

Stalk? No son, you're my child and when children talk out of turn or try and discuss things they have no idea about with grown folks then I have to correct you and put you back in your place.

You were an idiot because i asked you to provide the link on this "fact" issue you told me it was so easy to find. But you couln't because like always you talk straight from your behind, so in an attempt to make yourself sleep better you blocked me.

Kran2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

You forget the world doesn't just revolve around you yknow.

There are people in the world who want something to play whilst on trips, car journeys, or made to feel comfortable to play a (small game in a way) on a small device.

And I'd like to know how you can play your PSOne downloads on the PSOne too considering thats what this support is all about.

ddurand12182d ago

i own a PSone.

i want games to play too, i own a vita.

I just want VITA games.

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triplev162183d ago

So it could've been done differently. A blunder is a bit excessive.

In my experience when the update came up I was excited and started re-downloading PSOne titles on my PS3 initially and just moved them over to my Vita. All the games worked fine. Not one negative thought entered my head because I was excited to finally be able to play my PSOne games on the Vita, on the go. Yes there could've been more PSOne titles shown on PSN, but all-in-all I'm happy with the update. The more features the better, no need to complain about free stuff.

Anon19742183d ago

I agree. It's ridiculous how something as cool as allowing hundreds of classic videogames to be accessible on your new hardware is being somehow spun as a negative. To me it just smacks of writers desperate for some negative press to try to lure in readers. We all know, "Hundreds of PSOne games now available on Vita. Vita users rejoice!" doesn't have the same ring as "Sony blunders PSOne on Vita! Gamers riot!"

Game journalism is in a sad state, but hey - they've gotta remind us at every opportunity that the Vita is doomed, don't they? Here's just another reason why it's doomed. Sure you're playing awesome PSOne classics on your doomed PS Vita, but are you really and is it harmful to your children? News at 10!

Blankman852182d ago

Except it isn't hundreds. . .its nine. Just sayin'. Hundreds >>>> nine.

Rainstorm812182d ago


Except its not Nine its 100......I have more than Nine PSone games on my Vita now....Its only nine on the Vita's PSone store...

But that's game journalism for you keep the uninformed.....UNINFORMED

Snookies122182d ago

@Ndivhu - I've got more than 9 on my Vita right now... So long as you have a PS3, you can just transfer them over from that, it's not that hard really.

rpd1232183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Not every Vita owner has a PS3, though, rendering this update fairly useless by only adding 9 games.

triplev162183d ago

Agreed, they need to add more games to the actual store for those that don't own a PS3.

GenericNameHere2182d ago

Only 9 games is a bit of a disappointment, but by no means is the update useless because of it. There's a few good games already available. Tomb Taider, Arc The Lad, Twisted Metal, and FFVII for example. That'd be like calling October 30th useless because while Assassins Creed III comes out that day and gets good reviews, only ACIII came out, and not 100 games (which may or may not even be decent)

Aceman182183d ago

yea i did the exact same thing and it took less than 30 minutes to re-download, and copy them over to my vita 12-15 games in total. when i feel like it i'll just purchase some more games and move those over too.

whining a$$ gaming media/gamers worst gaming gen ever.

Man-E-Faces2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

I really hope people would stop making excuses, really common damn sense would tell anybody that it is WRONG to have to go through a PS3 or PS3's Store just to get a wider selection of PS1 classics. Sony(SCEA) has had plenty of time to get this right and they did indeed botch it but it doesn't surprise me given the pathetic sorry state of the PS Vita Store as is, there's more movies to choose from than games. I laughed when I saw only 9 PS1 games on Vita's store after all the anticipation now imagine the anger of someone without a PS3.

Edit: I know PS1 games are not the blood of the Vita's veins but you have to put the whole package together, if im a non Vita owner I would love to see:

1.PSN GAMES(JOURNEY,FLOWER,FAT PRINCESS etc. these games are exclusive so Sony should have no problem adding them to PS Vita's store.

2.FULL ASCESS TO ALL PS1,PS2,PSP,MINI titles currently on PSN's store.

3.REMOTE PLAY FOR EXCLUSIVE PS3 GAMES with 3rd party games being sprinkled in little by little.

Now imagine all this on PS Vita's store. Oh it's all possible but the inept suit's and ties at Sony think otherwise. You WOW US with the SPECS now it's time to deliver the goods that put these great SPECS to use!

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astrobrights2183d ago

Sony has been screwing up with the Vita from the beginning.

MasterCornholio2183d ago

Meh since I live in Europe I get a huge selection of PlayStation classics. Im pretty sure that Sony will expand the list for the US soon. What's really amazing is that the Japanese have a huge selection of over 600 PlayStation one games in the store

Anyways I can't believe that you think cross buy and PlayStation plus are screw ups for the Vita but everyone has the right to an opinion.


Knushwood Butt2183d ago

Yeah, I'm more than happy. In Japan you can just access the PS1 classics from the PS Store on the Vita, and grab them from there.

Only minor gripe is that it's not so clear which ones you have already purchased without drilling right down to the details of the game itself.

Freakazoid20122182d ago

Coming from you that doesnt say much. You think Wii U games are 99.99 because some sites use a place holder until official prices are announced. When you don't have a firm grasp on even the simple things it makes understanding the more complex things almost impossible.

Vita is doing good for the market it is in. Has tons of games coming,lots of support, and sales will pick up as Sony ads more value to the bundle

thebudgetgamer2183d ago

Sony does thing, people get angry. Surprising.

ronin4life2182d ago

Sony half asses what it does and people get angry.

That's the thing.

BuffMordecai2182d ago

Half asses? Thats hilarious. The last time I checked sony is the only company that routinely delivers plenty of exclusives and original games, and generally tries to please its fanbase. If anybody half asses anything its Microsoft, their first party support is beyond pathetic, its like they intentionally shit on their fans because they know they will eat it up. Then there is Nintendo who pulled the blunder of the century and made online access to games on the 3ds available only through friend codes. I'm not saying that sony is without problems, but to say it half asses things when compared to the screw ups of its competitors is truely laughable.

ronin4life2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Yeah, blunder of the century making their online slightly inconvenient. I suppose having to input a few numbers instead of letters is far worse than having to pay for proprietary memory cards in order to play the few games the vita has, or the few games the psp already can that the vita has taken months to start getting. Not to mention the lack of true bc...

I was saying it half assed THIS. They have half assed a lot of things, but not everything of course. And when people complain, the majority of the time it is because they have half assed something. From the psn hack to the pspGO to the above mentioned they have screwed up a LOT.

Furthermore, I never compared them to anyone in my previous comment, and was remarking on why people are "complaining" here. How a completely unrelated and unmentioned topic based on an assumption on your part could be laughable of me is confounding.

ziggurcat2183d ago

this really isn't any different than when they introduced PSP backwards compatibility. not all titles were available then, either.

people just don't seem to have any patience these days, and they clearly don't seem to understand that there may be other factors preventing all titles from being supported right away.