Hands-on Preview Dead Or Alive 5 - PlayStation Universe

PSU goes hands-on with two of DOA5's female characters.

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AbyssGravelord1969d ago

I'd love to go Hands-on with some of the Dead or Alive 5 characters.

FreshRevenge1969d ago

Do girl gamers actually play this? I don't find it that all appealing. I enjoy nudity as much as any guy but this seems like a waste of money to me!

Bigpappy1969d ago

Girls love this game. There is no nudity in the game.

etebitan1969d ago

My gf actually cant wait for it... and she's the one that convinced me to preorder this instead of tekken tag tournament 2...

astrobrights1969d ago

I want this game but it will make me feel like a perv.