Crysis Domino by WarStorm

WarStorm wanna make a world record in virtual Domino.So you see in this video only 7mins.It´s the Beta Version 0.4.The full Version will be 15min long.I work every day on it.

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solar3670d ago

hehe, i find it ironic the beauty of this game engine and the guy sets up a virtual domino demo. very cool, yet very odd.

cputeq3670d ago

...but this guy really needs to chill with the camera...horrible camera work, it makes it almost painful to watch.

Also, (just my opinion), he should totally cut out the larger items and keep it to small domino-type objects...they fall faster and look a lot cooler, especially when they split paths, etc.

Wicked Sick3670d ago

...and boring.

If you want to see something much more cool check this out:

This video is very nice and a possible contender to garrys mod in the

future perhaps.

Sheddi3670d ago

I hated the music.....only my opinion

mighty_douche3670d ago

I love Crysis Engine videos, some guys do some really fun stuff, but not this dude.... boring...