Turok - T-Rex Battle

Battling the T-Rex in Turok. AWESOMENESS

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Maldread3853d ago

Made me want a Jurassic Park game instead ;)

jaaz3853d ago

SO the big T-Rex battle consisted of your character hiding under a tree, completely protected, and shooting at the T-Rex while it lumbers around from side to side at 1.5 mph like a drunken frat boy.

Yeah. No wonder this game got crappy reviews.

Coffin873853d ago

could it be that actually NOONE except a few guys is excited for this game??
turok is just like sonic.. it doesn't stand for quality anymore..
i'm awaiting the first turok review.

The-Only-Truth3853d ago

"Battling the T-Rex in Turok. AWESOMENESS"

Playing the rest of this crap. WACKNESS

Frankenberg3853d ago

If you are a hard core gamer you will like this game. I have been waiting for some time for it. Got it Thursday. My biggest problem with the game is that there are considerable distances before the auto save kicks in.

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The story is too old to be commented.