"WWE 13 is the closest thing to wrestling reality ever made" - Interview with THQ

Pure Sophisty's latest Fan Expo Canada Interview- this time they close things out talk to THQ about their upcoming product " WWE 13" They answers the tough questions like- How to stop cheap move sets? and what why are some superstars added and others aren't?

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wane1929d ago

Is the ring collapsing a new thing?

galgor1929d ago

On a much recycled engine with ridiculous collision detection?

Yeah, course it is.

MizTv1929d ago

sorry but no mercy still takes that crown to me

MizTv1929d ago

and wcw nwo revenge has the best roster of and wrestling game hands down

DasTier1928d ago

nah that goes to WWE RAW on xbox, the game blew though.

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